Monday, December 5, 2016

Chloe + Isabel Nail Polish Trio

Good morning dears!  It's Monday, boo.  Thankfully I have a pretty little nail polish trio to share with you today.  Maybe it will make your day better.  I'm not sure if you've heard of Chloe + Isabel before.  It's a fun fashion jewelry brand that has recently ventured out into makeup, bags, candles, accessories and....nail polish!  I've been a merchandiser since 2011 and love having the perfect piece of jewelry to wear with every outfit, but I did feel the brand was missing something.  I'm really happy they expanded their product line up.  Once I saw they had a nail polish kit I had to snatch that up right away.  You can purchase this trio for yourself or as a gift for $28.  From now until 12/28 you can save 25% site wide with the code FFHOL25.  Let's jump in and check out the polish!

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Athletic Wear Post: InknBurn Clothing

Howdy all!  Tonight I have a very different post to share with you.  Some of you may know that I'm a runner.  I've been a runner for a long time off and on.  I really picked it up in the last few years because I wanted speed and stamina on the soccer field (those are things that aren't easy to come by as I get older).  Plus as an added bonus it's kept me fit and allows me to get away with eating things I want to eat.  Also I'm super competitive so it's fun when actually place in my age group!  Anyways, I come across many athletic brands that I like to wear because they help in my performance.  One such brand is InknBurn.  It's a brand of clothing created just for runners.  InknBurn is about 4 years old and based in Southern California.  They create small batches of products that are made with sweat wicking materials.  Patterns are applied to the soft, sweat wicking material using heat and pressure.  The ink actually stains the Dry I.C.E. Technical fabric and the process means no fading or peeling.  AWESOME!  But most importantly, this stuff feels amazing on.  The last thing I want is to be fiddling with my shirt or shorts during a race.  I've worn InknBurn to several street and trail races with zero tugging, slipping, picking or riding up.  If you haven't heard of this brand before I suggest you give it at try!  

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I'm wearing the Women's Magnum PI Tech Shirt to the Xterra Adventure Fest in Maui 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Indie Spotlight: Paint Box Polish

Good morning and happy Saturday.  I'm licking my soccer wounds still (we lost playoffs last night) as well as an injured glute muscle.  Actually I'm not really sure what's hurt, but something is in pain and I can feel it deep in there even when I'm walking.  But that's neither here nor there because today is another Indie Spotlight, YAY!  This month a group of us wonderful bloggers will be featuring Paint Box Polish on our blogs.  Pam is a big fan of Harry Potter, Doctor Who and Game of Thrones so you'll see some fandom collections/names in her shop.  She's got a wide variety of finishes but I personally love her holo glitters (Westerosi Collection), flakies and multi chromes.  Aside from polish, Paint Box Polish also has an extensive collection of amazingly scented cuticle oils, mani fizzes and Intensive Butter Balm.  I can't speak highly enough of these hand care items.  Scents are seasonal and always rotating so snag up your favorites for healthy and pleasant smelling hands.  Ok, enough of the high praise, I think you get that I love this brand.  As always, you can use my code MNPO for 15% off your order.  Let's jump into the post.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Born Pretty Store Shining Mirror Mermaid Nail Glitter

Good morning beauties.  I stayed home yesterday (all day) to nurse a cold and take care of my sick little girl.  I hate when my kids are sick.  The only good thing that came of staying at home all day was getting some pictures prepared to post.  So I guess I can't complain about it.  Plus I probably needed the rest myself.  Anyways, I have this gorgeous mermaid glitter to share with you today!  It's called Shining Mirror Mermaid Nail Glitter and it's amazing!  It's only $1.59, you get a ton in your little baggie - it's going to last a long time!  HERE is the direct link to the glitter.  Let's delve in and check out pictures of this fun glitter.  Oh and don't forget you can use my code JTOW10 for 10% off your order!  

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Beauty Review: Ittse Cosmetics - The Polo Fields Makeup Collection

Good evening!  I have a makeup review for you and I am really excited about it!  I had heard of Ittse back in the Summer of 2015 because they were at CosmoProf.  Sadly I missed their booth.  But this past July I made sure to stop by and hear about their brand.  Their displays were so beautiful I was immediately smitten.  I know I'm a nail polish junkie but I like makeup as much as the next beauty blogger so I was very excited to head home with the extremely generous gift package they gave me.  So basically Itsse takes the makeup palette and makes it completely customizable for the consumer.  You purchase a case, and "coins" of eyeshadow, blush, highlighter, lipstick and you create your own look.  You can also buy curated looks which set you up with all you need for a complete kit.  Curated sets are about $80 while individual coins start at $8.  Let's jump in and I'll tell you more about the brand before I show you my swatches.

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Ittse: Shop, Facebook, Instagram  

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Beauty Review: Hard Candy Trolls Prismatic Luminizer

Good morning again lovelies.  I think I mentioned that I was in new York for Thanksgiving.  One of my best friends lives there and I got to spend time hanging out with her.  It was awesome!  She had a little gift for me, something that she knew I was looking for!  I'm so excited to own the Hard Candy Trolls Prismatic Luminizer!  It's a rainbow highlighter and it's so much fun!  Naomi and I both wore it the other day and felt very pretty walking about with rainbow cheeks.  The Prismatic Luminizer, as well as the other Trolls cosmetics are only available at Walmart.  And not even online because I checked.  And now I'm in desperate need of the Marbleized Lipstick and Color Change Lip Gloss and Mood Lip Balm.  Yeah, I need it all.  Anyways, hit up your local Walmart and keep your fingers crossed this stuff is available!

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Dreamland Lacquer Holiday 2016 Collection

Good morning dears!  One holiday behind us and one more to go for the year (I guess 2 if you count New Years).  So now I can start sharing Winter/Holiday collection that I have, yay!  Today I have the Holiday Collection from Dreamland Lacquer and OMG it's Elf inspired.  I love that movie so much!! Ok, so details about the Holiday 2016 Collection.  It's a pre-order that's open until 11/29.  Turnaround time is 2 weeks from the time the pre-order window closes.  The polishes are $10 each and the 6 piece set is $54.  Other news is that the Christmas In Stars Hollow collection made a return and you can pre-order it as well!  And the last bit of important info is that there is a 25% off discount until the 29th also!  NO code needed and it does include the Stars Hollow Collection but does not include the new collection.  Phew, that was a lot of info.  So are you ready to look at pictures then?  I am!

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