Friday, May 18, 2012

May 19th is Holo Day!

Today is a fun post for me.  A group of my nail polish friends (aka polish hoarders) thought it would be fun to have a theme day when we all wear the same type of polish and blog about it.  And we decided today is Holo Day!  There are many participants and they are all great gals and fabulous swatchers/photographers!  I feel genuinely lucky to call them my friends!  Just so you don't think we are all totally nuts, we talk about lots of things and they aren't always polish related.  (:

So here is my mani for Holo Day.  Both holos I used are by Layla, Ocean Rush and Mermaid Spell.  I started with 2 coats of Mermaid Spell.  The first coat was quite sheer.  The second coat built up nicely.  Once my nails were completely dry I used scotch tape and created a V centered at my cuticle on each finger.  I pressed the tape down firmly so no polish would leak under.  Then I brushed 2 coats of Ocean Spell inside of the taped V.  After a few minutes of dry time I pulled up the tape and was left with this totally cool looking design!  I finished it off with topcoat and viola, my Holo Day mani is born!  

I'm very pleased with it and am looking forward to my next group mani day!

Check out some of the other Holo Day participants! 

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