Thursday, September 27, 2012

Bad Fairy

This particular polish was a HUGE lemming for me.  I spent one day watching and bidding for it on ebay only to lose it at the last second by $0.50.  I was crushed.  So much so that one of my polish friends took pity on me and decided to send me her bottle!!!  Many of you know her personally and know what a kind and big-hearted person she is.  Before I delve into the review I want to send the biggest possible thank you to Tina for being the most generous person I know!   Tina - I still have no idea how to repay you for this RAOK but one day I will get a lightbulb and you will get surprise mail.  XO.

Now, the review.  Bad Fairy came out with the MAC Venomous Villians collection, Fall 2010.  Bad Fairy was the one polish everyone was going ape-sh*t over and I now understand the noteriety…it is GORGEOUS!!  Such a beautiful polish.  BF is an amazing color shifting duo chrome with shimmer.  I like this type of duo chrome so much more than ones like the China Glaze New Bohemians - which end up looking flat and streaky IMO.  The extra "texture" really adds something to the color shift.  Bad Fairy is a magenta polish that shifts to a raspberry red, to a coppery orange.   I wore BF on it's own and it took 3 coats for full coverage.  I probably should have used a 4th coat but didn't want to waste the polish.  The brush was the teensiest but wonky but not hard to work with.  The sheerness and brush aside I adored Bad Fairy.  It's an absolutely stunning color that I plan to rock again this Fall.

Sadly Bad Fairy is no longer available, but the other 2 polishes (Mean & Green and Formidable) from the MAC Venomous Villians collection were brought back with a place in the permanent MAC line up.  You may find a bottle on ebay but be prepared to shell out some serious squid.  

So what do you think?  Is Bad Fairy all that and a bag of chips?

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  1. Gorgeous polish! Jealous! I always forget how pretty it is!

  2. GORGEOUS. And looks amazing with your skintone. I agree, Tina is amazing!