Saturday, September 29, 2012

Savita + Halloween in the Vines

Ok, ok - I can wait no longer.  I'm going to start posting Halloween themed polishes because they are all so gorgeous and it's a day away from being October AKA Halloween Month.   I'm a self proclaimed Halloween junkie, I love everything about it!  The toys, the costumes, the decorations, the colors, the food, the candy, the horror movies, but mostly the EXCITEMENT you see all month long as kids get amped up for the big night of debauchery and wild abandon!  Candy candy candy candy candy (Garfield's Halloween reference)!

My first Halloween mani is a lovely purple combo.  I started with Zoya Savita.  Savita is a matte from their MatteVelvet Winter Collection way back from 2009.   Sadly this collection is not available anymore.  You may find Savita in a random beauty supply store (which is how I lucked across it), on ebay or a blog sale.  So I apologize for showing you another polish that is hard to get your hands on.  Savita is a gorgeous deep purple matte.  Very much a grape purple.  Most mattes dry quickly and can look ever so slightly streaky or lumpy.  Probably because they dry so fast.  Savita was no different.  But working quickly I was able to get nice application and a smooth-ish finish.  I used 2 coats for full coverage.  With a top coat Savita glows with gorgeous pink and purple shimmer - you can see it under HITV on my ring finger.  Stunning.

I used Sonoma Nail Art Halloween In The Vines as an accent nail and sponged tips over Savita.  HITV is part of a 4 polish collection that was recently put out.  The colors are all gorgeous!  Halloween In The Vines is named after the "Halloween and Vine" art show held in Petaluma, CA every year.  HITV is a clear base packed full of silver, light purple and grape hexs, small silver hexs, small black squares (I could be wrong on the shape), and fuchsia micro glitter.  The glitter came out of the bottle easily and spread nicely.  I smoothed it out with Gelous carefully applied to only the glitter tips and the accent nail.  

So what do you think of Halloween In The Vines (and Savita for that matter)?  Are you a Halloween fanatic like me?  Are you going gaga for all the Halloween collections coming out right now?  You can order Halloween In The Vines and many so many other great creations by Sonoma Nail Art on her esty page.  Keep track of updates with her blog and facebook page.  Pssst - you can see HITV over a fuchsia polish at my friend Sarah's page - Chalkboard Nails.

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