Thursday, September 19, 2013

Alanna Renee It's A Surprise & Lenny

Good morning friends!  I am happy to share more international brands with you in the next few posts.  I'm going to start with Alanna Renee from Australia!  I have reviewed AR polish before and can say that the brand has done a good job putting out lovely and interesting polish.  You can see some of my favorite AR posts HERE and HERE.  I always used to feel so deflated when I saw a pretty polish only to find out it was international, meaning I would never get it.  But we are so lucky now to have stockists for these amazing brands!  Alanna Renee and so many other great polish brands are currently available at Color4Nails!  You can purchase directly from the Color4Nails website, follow the Facebook page for listings of upcoming product lines and promotions and Instagram (color4nails) for tons of pictures  There are $11 a bottle but I see that several are on sale for $7.  You can also visit the Alanna Renee website for a complete list of polish available.    


Here we have a nifty little polish called Lenny.  I wish I could give you a story background on Lenny but the AR website doesn't provide one.  So I will leave it up to you to create a fun story that led to the making of Lenny.  What I can do it tell you about the polish from my own observations.  Lenny is a sheer white milky based polish full of small red and blue hexs with large black circles.  Lenny had a good formula and plenty of glitter came out.  I got at least 1 large circle with each brush dip.  The glitter spread evenly and flat on my nails.  I used 3 coats of Lenny and 1 layer of topcoat.  



This is It's A Surprise.  It comes from the new Bundle of Joy collection, which is inspired by new babies!  Cute collection, cute names, pretty polish colors!  It's A Surprise is an off white creme with hidden shimmer!  Very soft and delicate...just like a baby blanket!  I found IAS to be a touch streaky.  Even after 2-3 coats you can still see a few uneven spots.  It also applied a bit thick so I'd suggest wiping excess polish off your brush before applying it to your nails.  I finished this with 1 layer of topcoat.  

*these polishes were provided for my honest opinion and review
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