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Fit Snack Box; December 2017

Hey guys!  Just got back from a family dinner outing so excuse the late night post.  But even more, excuse the total lateness of this one!  Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with my kids and life that the old blog takes a total back seat and while I have been tossing up posts here and there I've been pretty bad about being on top of it since last Thanksgiving.  The good thing is that you can easily order any of these items directly or you can just sign up for the Feb or March Fit Snack Box and see what kind of delicious surprises await you!  You can save $3 using my link HERE.  I had my kids help me rate these snacks; Noah is 11, Julian is 9 and Naomi is 6.  So let's jump in and see what the December Fit Snack Box had for the subscribers!

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Starting off with SMASHPACK is an on the go ouch full of real fruit and whey protein.  Great for a pre-workout energy boost or as a post-workout recovery snack.  It would also make a quick meal!  I received the Tropical Fruit flavor and it definitely had a citrus and banana flavor.  But I couldn't help but feel I was eating baby food as I was snacking on this.  Because of that consistency, flavor and likeness to baby food I wasn't the biggest fan of this snack.

Jen: thumbs down
Julian:thumbs down
Naomi: middle of the road
Noah: thumbs up

Keto Watt bar is a low-carb energy bar that's a great choice for an endurance workout.  Of course the individually packaged bar makes it an obvious choice to toss in your pack or gym bag.  So this bar helps keep you in a state of ketosis, gives you energy and helps curb that nagging sugar craving.  I liked that it didn't feel like eating cardboard.  And actually, the chocolate pieces were soft like in a perfectly baked chocolate chip cookie!  Winning!  The only thing I'd mention is that this was lacking in flavor, it didn't really taste like anything at all.  I received the Original Flavor.  

Jen: thumbs up
Julian: thumbs down

I have to tell you a story about Nutiva Coconut Oil.  I was at the grocery store looking for coconut oil, but there are so many choices that I had no idea which to get.  Then my eyes settled on a familiar name...Nutiva.  I know Nutiva.  I like Nutiva.  And all because of the Fit Snack box!  So I purchased the Nutiva Coconut Oil and felt confident in my choice.  I can tell you it's perfect of baking and adds a nice flavor that isn't overly coconutty.  This oil is cold-pressed, fair trade and organic. 

Jen: thumbs up

Saffron Road Lentil Crackers are oven baked lentil crackers.  They are gluten free, low-fat, plant based and have 3 grams of protein per serving.  I received the Cracked Pepper flavor and found it tasty and not overly peppery.  Julian really liked these and ate the rest of the bag.  

Jen: thumbs up
Julian: thumbs up

I think the Munk Pack Protein Cookie is my favorite product from this box.  It's a decadent chocolate cookie with 18 grams of protein and a total sweet tooth satisfier.  I got the double dark chocolate flavor and it was pretty dang delicious.  This is more of a cakey cookie but I like that.  The flavor was nice and chocolatey.  

Jen: thumbs up
Naomi: thumbs up

Elements Truffles, Ayurveda Inspired Artisinal Chocolate is a gorgeous chocolate bar, decorated with rose and cardamom pieces.  The smell is amazing, like a fresh bouquet with a side of chocolate.  Sadly I also felt like I was eating a bouquet and I wasn't a fan of that.  

Jen: thumbs down
Julian: thumbs down
Anna (my friend): thumbs down

Take 5, another familiar product, is a 2oz relaxation shot meant to help keep you clam and focused.  It's made from ingredients found in green tea, bananas and dark chocolate.  It's pretty tasty, reminded me of a melted slurp.  I did feel pretty chill after drinking this. Due to the age recommendation of 14 years old, I didn't let any of my kids try this. 

Jen: thumbs up

BioCoffee is a caffeine free, organic, instant, non dairy, alkaline coffee.  And its the only one on the market that can tout all that!  It's got 3-5 servings of vegetables per cup!  Ok so I haven't tried this one because I thought it was regular coffee and I don't drink caffeine.  But now that I know it's decaf I will try a cup tomorrow morning.  

Last but not least is the Vermont Peanut Butter Co. chunky peanut butter.  This peanut butter is low is sugar and sodium and high in protein and antioxidants.  What impressed me was that there are literally whole peanuts in here!  That might be a bit too chunky for me.  And there is major separation between the solids and oils.  I had a hard time getting it to mix up well.  This peanut butter does need to be refrigerated after opening.  Overall I liked the peanutty flavor but the texture was a bit pasty.  None of my kids wanted to try this one.  

Jen: middle of the road

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