Sunday, February 4, 2018

Stella Chroma February Polish Pickup Exclusive: Chocolate Orange Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Evening all!  Did you watch the Super Bowl?  I didn't care which way it went and found it quite a snooze fest (yes, even the half time show) but I will admit that last minute was pretty exciting.  Anywho, I do know that Brady got a slice of humble pie.  But I'd rather have a slice of a chocolate orange!  But since that wasn't one of the snacks on my table I'll settle for this emulsified sugar scrub that was inspired by the candy.  Stella Chroma does a great job with her scrub scents, they are never overpowering and are always pleasant scents.  This one was a really yummy scent actually, I wanted to lick it.  You can only purchase a 2.5oz jar of the Chocolate Orange sugar scrub through the Polish Pickup and it's available for one more day (2/5).  Let's jump in to the post!

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Stella Chroma makes amazing emulsified sugar scrubs.  I have several of them and use them on a daily basis.  The grit is perfect, you get a nice "my skin was just scrubbed" feel, but it's not harsh or abrasive.  The other thing I notice about SC's scrubs is that the oils and butters melt into your skin once you apply it, your body temperature is literally all you need.  My hands and cuticles are so soft and hydrated after use, but not overly oily or shiny.  Some of the ingredients are; sugar, sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and beeswax.

Chocolate Orange is a great scent, it's sweet and citrusy.  Definitely brings to mind the chocolate orange, but for me it also makes me think of a small ice cream shop near by that makes a flavor called Orange Chip.  It's a chocolate ice cream with orange flavoring and chocolate chips.  One of my favorites!  The scrub is nice because I don't find the scent to be artificial, just delicious.  Don't miss out on this scrub if you are a fan of both the chocolate and orange scents.  

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