Friday, November 16, 2012

Coffee Love

I do love me some coffee (decaf)!  So of course I would love Layla Coffee Love.  Brown and holo, what a combo!  I've really only seen a few brown holos so I think it makes this particular polish quite special and slightly more easily attainable than the others I'm thinking of.  And while I do have many brown polishes, I've only recently started to actually embrace the color as one of my favorites for nail polish.  It's so natural and easy to wear, and it really flatters my skin tone.  So there you have it…I've jumped on the I Heart Brown Polish band wagon! 

Chocolate Love is a brown linear holo.  It really reminds me of melty chocolate.  I found the formula to be a bit on the thin and watery side so I had to use 3 coats for full coverage.  Fortunately with all that layering I had no problems with pooling, dragging or streaking.  What I found interesting about this holo was that it dried dull so it needed a topcoat to bring out that holo rainbow effect.  I used 1 layer of topcoat and no base coat for this polish.  It was an overcast day so all the photos below were taken indoors with no special lighting.  Actually we use low energy lighting so even less bright than a regular bulb but CL still had an amazing holo effect.

So what do you think of Coffee Love?  Do you love brown polish or hate it?  And just for fun…what's your favorite coffee drink?  Mine is Starbucks Peppermint White Mocha, non-fat, decaf.  You can purchase Coffee Love and other beautiful Layla's at the following etailers: Ninja Polish and Harlow & Co.

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