Friday, November 9, 2012

El Cap + My Stardust Melody

I have an absolutely heavenly combination to share with you today.  I love it - I love is so much that when I when to change my mani I put it on AGAIN!  It's all the qualities that I love in polish: glowy, ethereal, glitter, holo, sparkle, iridescent.  

I started with Elevation Polish El Cap.  El Cap is a gorgeous blue-purple (blurple) with red shimmer.  It's slightly sheer, but builds up nicely.  I was honestly shocked that I fell so hard for this color.  It's so not me.  But it was so gorgeous I just couldn't resist it!  I used 2 coats for full coverage.  In the pictures you will see a little sheerness on the nail tips, but in real life it wasn't noticeable.  I have never wanted a backup bottle of anything before, and El Cap is the first one that makes me feel like I need a second bottle.   

I then used a new polish, made just for me, by Gina at Red Dog Designs, My Stardust Melody.  It's fabulous and I absolutely adore it!  I am looking forward to trying it over silver next (and think it will be soon since I'm obsessed with this glitter combination). MSM is made up of light silvery-sage green, white and lavender hexs.  There are also some iridescent, color changing squares.  And if that isn't enough to blow your mind there is also some holo micro glitter for that extra bling effect.  My pictures just don't capture the bling very well - trust, my nails were super sparkly and flashy!  But not in an over the top way, in a just perfect amount of bling kind of way.  I used 2 coats of MSM and got a good amount of glitter out without digging.  MSM applied well with no application issues.  The nice this is that I didn't need to use Gelous - the glitter lay flat and smooth enough that 2 layers of topcoat was perfect for smooth and glossy coverage.

You can keep up with Elevation Polish on the blog and store.  You can receive Red Dog Design updates by following the facebook page and store.  

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