Monday, November 19, 2012

Violet Groove + Southern Lights + Pirouette My Whistle

I normally stick to 2 polishes for my mani's but I wanted to venture into something more exciting!  I used 3 polishes!!  When I used these 3 polishes I had a friend in mind.  Michelle from Ehmkay Nails is the Queen of Layers.  It's never just two polishes for her, it's 3 or 4 layered blended into a gorgeously unique mani!  

I started with 2 layers of Lancome Violet Groove.  VG was very thick and streaky, not my favorite polish of all time.  But I've had it for a while so maybe it just needs a little thinner to be it's best self again?  VG is a lovely color though - reminds me of springtime flowers in bloom.

I then used 1 coat of Model's Own Southern Lights.  SL is a very beautiful light purple holo glitter topcoat.  It went on easily, not too thick or gloppy.  It spread well and there was more than enough of the glitter particles to go around with one brush dip.  Shout out to my friend Kim from The Ides of Polish for sending this beautiful baby to me from across the pond.  

Finally I thought it would be fun to put a larger glitter on top of Southern Lights so I brought out OPI Pirouette My Whistle.  PMW is another glitter topcoat, but it consists of pale white hexs and pale white micro glitter.  The micro glitter dissapears on top of SL, but the larger hexs show up and look pretty cool!  PMW was easy to apply, spread well, didn't clump up.  Though I do wish more of the larger hexs came out easily - not that I had to fish, they were just more sparse.

So, what do you think of my first attempt at layering more than 2 polishes?  Something I should try again?  What is the most number of polishes you have layered for a specific "look?"

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