Wednesday, March 5, 2014

JOSS Lacquer

Good morning lovely readers!  I have some very pretty JOSS Lacquer to share with you today.  JOSS is a brand that comes from Australia.  Are you noticing the trend of gorgeous holos coming from Aussie brands?  Because I sure am!  The polish I'm showing you today is from the JOSS FX Colours collection - a gorgeous bunch of linear holos.  US fans can see & buy JOSS polish at Color4Nails.  


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Up first, Alternate Dimension, my favorite of the FX Colours in this post, Alternate Dimension is a "bronzed tone coral holo."  I am so drawn to red-orange, orange and coral colors and this color just screams Jen.   The formula and application were both amazing.  Creamy and smooth with no issues to discuss.  I used 2 layers and no topcoat.  

Sudden Impulse is a beautiful strawberry pink linear holo.  It's actually described as a crimson color but I feel crimson is more red than the pink I saw here.  The formula was lovely, and the application was impeccable - there was no dragging or bald spots.  Nothing but creamy polish and smooth coverage.  Sudden Impulse covered completely in 2 coats.  I did not use topcoat. 

And lastly we've come to Flash Diamond.  Flash Diamond is a combination of "brilliant sparkling silver pigments with holographic effects."  It's got a slight a foil finish but the holo sparkles add depth and bling!  The formula on Flash Diamond was a little thinner than the last 2, but it covered well in 3 coats.  The holo was less linear but no less pretty.  I didn't use topcoat.  

What's this?  A bonus polish!  Desert Sunset is currently not available at Color4Nails, but hopefully it will be soon because I think it's absolutely amazing!  I love the holo micro glitters that sparkle and shine when I moved my hand.  I prominently saw glints of pink, copper, gold and green holo glitters. I imagine you can wear 1 layer of Desert Sunset over a base color, but I chose to wear it on it's own and got full coverage in 3 coats.  Formula and application were on par with all the other polishes in this post - fabulous with no complaints or concerns.  I did not use topcoat.  

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