Friday, March 14, 2014

Glitter Week: Day 5, Red Dog Designs (part 2)

I'm back with a quick second post featuring Red Dog Designs.  Earlier I showed you many polishes that were customs or LE and no longer available.  So i wanted to show you some LE's that currently are available!  These are the St. Patty's Day Collection and they are all awesome!  This trio is only available this month and you have the option to buy 1 or all 3.  If you get the trio you get a discounted price of $27.  Great deal and you'll be set with green polish for a while!  

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The first color from the trio I have to show is Pog Mo Thoin.  I'll let you look up the translation.  Gina describes this as a "soft linear holo in a creamy sage colored base."  I loved how soft the color of Pog Mo Thoin was.  Perfect Spring green!  The formula was very creamy and the holo effect is very subtle and lovely.  I used 3 thin coats for full coverage.  No topcoat in my pictures.  *Pog Mo Thoin is $12 for a full size bottle*

*sunshine picture*

This is Shamrock Shake.  One of my favorite things about this holiday is the shamrock shake at the fast food drive thru.  Which reminds me that I should probably get one on Monday!  YUM!  Shamrock Shake is a glitter bomb blend of "hex, square and circle glitters, in finishes of holo, matte and metallic, in various hues of green and iridescent color change green-lime-gold glitters, including metallic green shamrock glitters."  Formula and application were both awesome.  There was huge glitter payoff and the mix of shapes and smaller uniform sized glitters was perfect.  I used 2 coats of Shamrock Shake over Pog Mo Thoin.  1 layer of topcoat.  *Shamrock Shake is $10 for a full size bottle* 

*sunshine picture*

Blarney Stone is a fabulous texture polish!  Blarney Stone is a mix of "various sized hex glitters, in shades of holo gold, holo green hues, holo black and and green, sprinkled with micro silver, green and holo glitter in a mossy green base."  The blend of sparkle and texture is perfect and the grit of the texture is really nice.  Formula and application were both great.  I used 2 coats of Blarney Stone, letting the first dry completely before the second and no topcoat.  *Blarney Stone is $10 for a full size bottle*  

*sunshine picture*

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