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Emerald & Ash Desert Tears

Good evening!  I had full intention of getting this post up yesterday morning but sometimes things just don't go to plan so I'm getting the post up now.  Sorry for the delay!  Emerald & Ash have created a gorgeous custom charity polish for their friend Mark, who is going on an amazing adventure in support of wounded veterans.  Desert Tears will be available on Friday March 6th at 5pm MST. Before we jump into the review and pictures I'd love to share the back story on Desert Tears.  

"Desert Tears came about when we asked Mark if we could help him fundraise by creating a polish for his adventure. When offered to pick a color he joked that it should be sand colored for all of the sand he’ll be looking at. He went on to joke that, no, maybe it should be water colored because that’s all he’ll be thinking about wanting. Thus a polish idea was born. Mark humorously and aptly named the polish Desert Tears."

And here is some information about Mark and the Woodruff Foundation...
“Nate and Ashley of Emerald & Ash have long been friends of a participant in the upcoming Marathon des Sables (MdS).  This race is a challenging 150 mile foot race across parts of the Sahara completed in 5 days of running.   Participants carry all of their own equipment and food with the exception of water being provided every 5-10 miles.

Their friend, Mark Wise, is taking on this challenge as a representative of the US military wounded veteran community.  Mark was wounded in Afghanistan in October 2009 by an IED, while losing his soldier and friend Pfc. Devin Michel.  Mark has made it his mission to continue to support other veterans through advocacy, public speaking, and completing various challenges to demonstrate the capabilities of wounded veterans and disabled persons following their life changing events.

This year Mark will complete the MdS with a team of British wounded service members, all running independently, but united as a team in supporting charitable causes for veterans.  We at Emerald & Ash are supporting Mark’s fundraising effort by donating 50% of all Desert Tears polish sales to the Bob Woodruff Foundation.

The Woodruff Foundation’s mission is to ensure injured veterans and their families are thriving long after they return home by funding innovative programs in communities where veterans, their families and caregivers live and work.

If interesting in donating directly to Mark’s MdS race efforts, please visit the link below and make sure to include a note (per Mark’s request) stating you found his efforts through our page.

Throughout my journey of injury, recovery, and advocacy I have been blessed to have Nate and Ashley as close personal friends.  They have always been giving in their time, thoughts, and energy.  Veterans returning from conflict today are all in need of similar friends and family to care for them and help them continue to grow as an individual and friend.  Thank you both again for your friendship.”

If you just want to donate to the Bob Woodruf Foundation, Emerald & Ash have a special offer for you...

"In conjunction with us donating a portion of proceeds from sales from Desert Tears to the Bob Woodruff Foundation, we are offering a free Emerald & Ash nail polish of your choice (excluding Desert Tears) to anyone who chooses to make a $5+ donation directly to Mark’s MdS race efforts via:
To redeem this additional offer, we simply ask that you take a screenshot of your donation confirmation to send to info@emeraldandash.com, after which time we will send a coupon code for you to use at your convenience."

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This beauty is Desert Tears. It's described as a "sandy taupe crelly-ish base with scattered holo. It’s filled with flecks of bright blue micro flakes and a touch of blue shimmer. Depending on the light the color can pull a true sand color, a taupe and even a greige. Perfect in 2-3 coats depending on your application." It definitely falls between taupe and greige so it's a bit difficult to explain to color exactly, but it's absolutely a color that is very wearable. I adore the holo shimmer and blue flakies - they are the perfect touch to make this an exciting neutral shade. It's also a perfect representation of sand and water. I found the formula and application both perfect. Desert Tears was creamy and opaque and very easy to work with. I had full coverage in 3 coats. I finished with 1 layer of topcoat.

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Emerald & Ash Desert Tears

Emerald & Ash Desert Tears

Emerald & Ash Desert Tears

Emerald & Ash Desert Tears

Emerald & Ash Desert Tears

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