Friday, April 21, 2017

Athletic Wear; Bondi Band Mandala Doodleband

Evening all.  I've spend a fabulous day doing everything but sitting home and cleaning the house!  Had a fantastic lunch chatting with girlfriends and my hubby even popped in for a surprise!  Now I'm waiting until dinner, we are going to a delicious steak house and I can't wait to get dressed up for date night.  But I figures since I already shared non-polish things I'd keep that trend going and share another post from Runner Jen. Yeah, if you haven' figured it out, that's my alter ego.  I run.  A lot.  So it only makes sense that I'd have some related items to talk about.  Unless you live under a rock you'll have noticed how popular adult color is right now.  It's a stress reliever and creative outlet.  Plus it's fun.  I haven't jumped on that bandwagon, don't really have free time to color, but I figured since I am a Bondi Band Ambassador and this is a newer product I'd try it out.  You can get Bondi Band Doodle Bands on their website or Amazon.  They are $12.99 on both sites and come with a 4-pack of markers.  And you can save 10% using my code RunJenRun on the Bondi Band website.  Let's jumping and check out the headband!

*nothing to disclose*

Whether you like doodling or haven't tired it yet, I think you're going to have fun with this headband!  Let your creative side loose and mix up some colors!  Actually my daughter was pretty peeved that this headband was for me and not her, she really wants to color it in.

Here are the 4 markers that come in the package.  They are true to the color of the caps, nice and vibrant!

And here's the Mandala Doodleband.  I like the colors of the headband.  It's a pastel blue that gradients into a nice purple in the back.  And the mandala is bright white, ready to be colored in.  

Alright, I started coloring.  I decided to leave some spots white because I thought it looked nice with all the other colors.  I found that if I tried to color with the traditional "crayon to paper" method the fabric pulled and it was difficult.  So I used the dot dot dot method to get the colors exactly where I wanted them.  

You can see the colors bled through a little, but nothing transferred to my fingers when I ran them over it.  

And the back of the headband, tapers in for a comfortable fit the nape of your neck.  Look how pretty the colors are.  

Time for the wear test.  Took this baby out on a 4-mile run in the rising temperature and it did it's job of absorbing my sweat, nothing dripped into my eyes.  I was concerned the marker colors would transfer to my forehead but I had no issue with that either.  

After wards I rinsed it out and let it hang dry.  I did see color coming off on my hand under the running water.  But the headband itself looked fine.  I let it hang dry and once fully dry the next morning I checked it out.  Unfortunately a good bit of the vibrant color bled out and I now have a pastel mandala.  It's ok though, still looks pretty.  I wonder if I'd used sharpies the color would have stayed better?  Hmmmmm.  So knowing that the colors will bleed off will you still try out a Doodleband?  I think the fun of the headband outweighs the fact that the colors faded.  
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