Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Beauty Review: Born Pretty Store Magic Lip Mask Lip Tattoo Tint

Howdy all.  Sitting here in gymnastics, watching my littlest little be awesome and strong.  I watch her in equal parts amazement and horror as she climbs the rope to the ceiling to hit the flag.  In my entire life I've never been strong enough to do that.  Anywho...I figured what better time to type up a post to share than now.  I had some credits earned up over at Born Pretty and since I always review nail products I thought it would be fun to try out some makeup items!  I've tried 2 out of 3 lip products so far and like them both.  This post is about the new peel off lip stain that hit the scene a short while back.  I can't be bothered with reapplying lipstick every 30 minutes so I do like to test different lippies out for wear time.  You can purchase this Magic Lip Mask Lip Tattoo Tint from BaLaLa HERE for $3.61 and don't forget you can save 10% using my code JTOW10.  There are 5 shades available.  Now let's check it out.

*nothing to disclose*

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Ok so I was really intrigued by this peel off lip stain.  As I mentioned there are 5 colors, pinks, oranges and reds.  I went with an orange-red shade.  It was number 4.  Here's the ack of the's got directions for you.  But basically apply to lips.  Let dry, peel off.  Oh I will tell you to use the actual tube applicator and not your finger.  This stuff does indeed stain.

Smooth plastic applicator.  Easy to use, and you definitely want to use it unless you like having bright red finger tips all day long.  

Ok so I applied it.  Didn't think you needed any pictures of that.  But I let it dry, it was probably less than 5 minutes.  I used my finger to lift an edge up and gently peeled it off my lips.  Very weird sensation.  

The top it almost totally peeled off.  You can see that my top lip is a much more natural color and a natural finish.  The bottom is really bright and shiny.  

Thankfully this products peels off easily in one go.  Look how strange!  Those were on my lips!  

And here's what it looks like!  I really liked the color payoff.   Not unnatural.  Not too bright.  Just right.  So I did like this product and have used it several times since it arrived.  I'd absolutely purchase different shades.  How about you?  Are you game to try it?  

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