Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Born Pretty Store Nail Vinyls Octagon Flower

Good afternoon beauties!  I've got a nail art post for you to check out today featuring some pretty nail stencils from the Born Pretty Store!  I love the design on these stencils, and the fact that they are stickers makes them super easy to use.  Plus, they are gold holo, so I got a bit mesmerized just looking at them.  Anywho, you can get these with this direct LINK, and they are on sale for $1.96!  You can pick these awesome stencils up and so many other great nail art needs at the Born Pretty Store now, and if you use my code JTOW10 you can save 15% off!  Let's check out the goods!

*press sample*

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The instructions on the back...place the sticker/vinyl on your nail, paint over and remove.  Easy  peasy right?  Well I'll admit I had to try these out twice to get them just so.  I followed these directions, and directly painted over my stencil/nail.  But when I removed the vinyl the polish had just seeped in under the vinyl and I had lots of globs and bleeding lines.  I decided I'd used too much polish.  So I tried a different method.  Also apologies for not sharing a picture of the first trial run.

Here I am all stickers up again and ready to try round 2.  

This time I used stamping polish (though that isn't really necessary, it's just what I had on my table) and a cosmetic sponge to apply the polish on top of the vinyls/nails.  

I forgot to use latex and as you can see it's quite a mess.  But with the exception of one spot that didn't come out very clear, the rest looks great!  So I am definitely happy with how the sponging idea worked out.  The trick I learned here is when the nail art product doesn't work so great the first time, try and try again.  

Did a little clean up, a little topcoat and TA-DA!  

Here are some sunshine pictures...because I wanted you to see that fun holo micro glitter vertical gradient I did.  

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