Thursday, August 18, 2016

Different Dimension Pretty Nauti; Partial Review

Good morning lovelies.  The weekend is so close I can almost touch it!  Hang in there, 5:00 on Friday is almost here.  Until then, I have a follow up post to share with you.  A couple weeks back I shared a partial review of the Different Dimension Pretty Nauti collection (see my post HERE).  Well today I have the remaining 5 polishes to show you and they are gorgeous!  Pretty Nauti is currently available in the Different Dimension shop so head on over and pick up some of the beauties.  You ready?   I am so lets go!  

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Oh Shell No! is a nude jelly polish with gold-pink shimmer and a sprinkling of holo.  It looks just like the inside of a shell!  And it's one of my favorites from this collection.  Girly and demure, subtle but so gorgeous.  Formula and application were great.  I used 3 coats and finished with topcoat.  

Resting Beach Face is a great name!  It's a light livery blue linear holo that is reminiscent of sea foam.  Another totally gorgeous color from this collection.  Formula and application were both really wonderful.  I used 3 thin coats and no topcoat.  

Boaty Call (seriously people, I think you need this collection just for all the witty names!) is a teal linear holo that reminds me of sea glass.  I collect sea glass, I've noticed I also collect polishes that look like sea glass.  This polish is gorgeous.  I love the vibrant color and the holo effect.  Formula and applicant were aces.  3 thin layers and no topcoat.  

Ooooh buddy, every collection needs a fabulous red and Nauti Girl is it!  It's a red jelly polish with shifty green-gold shimmer.  Yeah, this is a stunner and I loved it against my skin tone.  Formula and application were both nice.  It was fairly opaque for a jelly too!  I used 3 coats and topcoat.  

Knot On My Watch is probably one of the most unique polish colors I have seen or worn.  It's a brown jelly full of holo pigment.  I'm used to light browns or dark chocolatey browns, but not this shade of mustardy-brown.  I actually really like it and bet I'll wear it more frequently in the Fall.  Formula was on the sheer side, I used 4 coats.  I finished with topcoat.  

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