Wednesday, June 7, 2017

ellagee I'm Peach

Evening all!  Hanging out with my fan watching the Warriors (I am by no means a basketball fan so I'm not really paying attention) and taking a break from cleaning my house.  I am pretty beat actually, the cleaning and few errands I did today really wiped me out.  I am fighting a cold so I'm super blah.  But this polish is the absolute opposite of super blah.  It's pretty fan-flipping-tactic actually.  And it has me in the mood for the heat...BRING IT ON SUMMER!  Alrighty, so I'm Peach is available now for $12, $8 of which will be donated to the ACLU in your name! Let's jump in and check it out. 

*press sample*

I'm Peach is a vibrant summer coral/orange with bright pink shimmer.  Actually, it's a shifty shimmer that looks pink and purple!  I'm totes in love with this polish...but I have a bit of an addiction to coral shades and I can't stay away from neons in this season so it's a big win for me.  Formula was a touch on the sheer side, I used 3 thin coats and you can ever so slightly see my nail line.  Application was wonderful.  I finished up with topcoat.

*artificial light*

*direct sun*


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