Thursday, June 29, 2017

Stella Chroma July Polish Pick Up; Blackberry Mint Moscow Mule

Morning beauties!  Making another quick post today before my vacation day gets started!  Also, please excuse any typo's...I'm using my kids laptop (not theirs, just the one they use) so it's sticky keys and gross and I don't like using it).  Anywho, I've got another Polish Pick Up to share with you, this one is created by Stella Chroma.  It's a gorgeous shade, full of flakies, inspired by a Blackberry Mint MoscowMule.  Sounds delicious.  The details for the Polish Pick Up are as follows...lots of makers create something to go with the theme, which is 'cocktails' for July.  You only buy what you want! That's it!  This beauty will be available from 7/7-7/10 on the Polish Pick Up site.  Ok, let's jump in to the post!

*press sample*

Polish Pick Up: ShopFacebook

Blackberry Mint Moscow Mule is a cream/nude colored base full of blue to purple shifting UCC flakies with a hint of green and a big dash of copper flakes.  I love this shade so mucho!  It was totally fabulous to work with, applied like a dream in 3 thin coats.  It was totally smooth to the touch with no flakies sticking up to bug me.  I slapped on a layer of topcoat for added glass.  But you should totally check it out with a matte topcoat...STUNNING!!  Ehmkay Nails has pictures of that so head to her blog and check it out.

This is totally color inaccurate, but I wanted you to see the flakes & flakies up close and personal!  

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