Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Fit Snack Box: July 2017

Good afternoon all!  Hope your week is going well.  My summer is full of pool days, swimming, water slides, beach days, fairs, and yet I still have all my taxi mom duties and play dates on my calendar.  I've been busy if you can 't tell!  But busy keeps me happy and sane, plus at least I'm not in the house cleaning.  Today I'm happy to share my post with you because I always have rave reviews for the snacks I receive from the Fit Snack box.   The July box is no different except for the fact that it was absolutely JAM-PACKED with delicious snacks!  I had fun with this box and got 2 of my kids to taste test things with me, Noah, my totally non-picky 11 year old and Naomi, my slightly picky, overly dramatic 5 year old.  I'll be sharing their thoughts too.  Don't forget you can save $3 off your subscription purchase with my link HERE.  Ok, let's jump in and see the contents of this box. 

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Let's start off with Amazi!  These are dried plantain chips, lightly salted and olive oiled for some extra flavor.  Amaze is organic, small bath, ethically sourced from small farmers in Uganda.  I found this snack tasty and I didn't fell guilty eating it because I knew it was helping the 'little guy' make a living.  Noah enjoyed this snack, said he'd eat it again.  Naomi just thought it was ok.  I think she'd prefer a sweeter flavor.

First off LOL at this name, K.r.a.c.n.o.l.a!  I was trying to figure it out, like is it made in New Orleans (NOLA)...then I got it.  Krac (because it's addicting) and Nola (short for granola).  Anyways, this small batch granola full of seeds, nuts, and gourmet granola was created as a sweet but healthy snack to satisfy a diabetic craving.  But it quickly hooked everyone else!  This small batch granola, full of seeds, nuts, and gourmet granola.  If you love granola you will want to try this.  It was delicious and satisfying.  I gave it a thumbs up, so did Noah.  Naomi wasn't interested in trying it.  

Hippeas are some pretty delectable chickpea puffs!  I got the Far Out Fajita flavor.  Most times I am leery to try flavored chips because I tend to prefer plain old salt flavor (or salt & vinegar or jalapeño, but that's about it).  So I reluctantly put the fajita flavored puff in my mouth and was pleasantly surprised.  Super tasty!  I love the hippy vibe of this snack brand and I like the organic, gluten free, vegan-ness of it vibes with the story.  'I'm a Hippea!" Noah and Naomi both gave this one a thumbs up on flavor.  

Nana Rama by Nutty Goodness was a surprise favorite for me.  I actually didn't know what to expect from it and I'm happy to report that it's definite something I'd throw in my purse or runner pack to snack on.  The idea behind Nutty Goodness is pretty simple, "you shouldn't have to eat artificial anything to crush your cravings and live a healthy lifestyle."   There are a half dozen flavors, but I lucked out with the Nana Rama.  It's like banana bread's amazing and delicious.  It's made from walnuts, bananas, and dates.  No added sugar, nothing fake.  Noah and Naomi both really enjoyed this snack too!  

Wise Popcorn is a guiltless indulgence with lots of yummy flavors!  I mean HELLO Cinnabon flavor popcorn!?  Sign me up!  I got Sea Salt flavor in my box, but I'm gong to be on the look out for some of those other flavors.  We're looking at a mere 3.5 grams of fat, and 70 calories.  It tasted like light, delicious, air popped popcorn.  The kids fought over this one, and I let them because at least they both wanted to eat something healthy instead of an otter pop.  

Ok this one was one of my favorites.  Chops Beef Jerky isn't just beef jerky.  It's beef brisket jerky and it's AMAZING.  It was super soft and super tasty.  It truly blew all other jerky I have tried out of the water.  I had a physical tug of war with Noah over the package because he liked it so much too.  Naomi thought the Sweet & Spicy flavor was a bit too much on the spicy side so she didn't like that about it.  It's made with USDA Choice & Select beef brisket,  made from American steers.  Gluten free and no MSG added.  

Field Trip Turkey stick in Cracked Pepper flavor was my least favorite thing in this box.  And trying it after the brisket jerky probably wasn't fair.  Lets talk about the brand first.  Field Trip is meat snack craft brand.  They have several flavors of their versatile snack that's perfect to toss in your pack and head out for a hike.  The turkey stick actually has 12 grams of protein!  But I was not a fan of the texture, a little too mushy for me.  The flavor, overly peppered to give the turkey some oompf.  And the casing that didn't really snap when I bit in to it.  It's possible the other flavors are better but this was a no for me.  Noah didn't like it much either, and Naomi took a whiff and wouldn't taste it.  

Native Organic Hazelnut Spread!  How I love you!  This is an organic hazelnut spread that is delicious and nutritious.  It absolutely satisfies my sweet tooth craving and I don't feel like I pigged out.  I got 2 small, grab and go packs, one in the classic flavor, on in dark chocolate flavor.  I have reviewed both of these before, you can see my thoughts and pictures of this product HERE and HERE.  

TOPBiT is a new to me product.  It's a protein food topping that is intended to be sprinkled on other foods to up your protein intake.  I'm thinking you can dump it on yogurt, on top of a waffle, oatmeal, salad.  I'm sure the possibilities are endless.  TOPBiT has 10 grams of protein, plant based, Omega 3-6-9, 9 essential Amino Acids and antioxidants.  It comes in 2 flavors; Savory Herb and Mixed Berry.  I just poured a little out into my hand and tasted it.  I had the Savory Herb flavor, and really that's all it tasted like, herbs.  I feel it would be a great seasoning to something like eggs or cottage cheese or a cream cheese topped bagel.  The ease of adding protein to your meal by just sprinkling it on is a great idea!  Noah also felt it tasted like seasoning and that it would be great on other food.  Naomi sniffed it and didn't make a yucky face so I'll take that as a win.  

Take 5 Drink is a "relaxation shot."   And I believe it!  I have a fairly hectic life style, with all the kids activities and constantly playing referee at home.  You'd think I'd be an expert at breaking up squabbles by now but's a struggle every day.  So I'm all for anything that'll make me feel more relaxed.  Take 5 sounds like my jam.  Relax is designed to reduce stress, relieve pressure, and help you feel zen-like.  It's caffeine free, non-drowsy and lasts 4 hours.  I took this shot after I finished my driving duties, starting up dinner, and I have to admit that I was might calm and content that evening. The kids were their usual boisterous selves and it didn't bother me as much as it typically would.  So would I partake in this little drink again?  Yes, yes I would.  It's just under 2 ounces and has a fruity, punchy flavor.  Not sickeningly sweet, not overly artificial tasting.  Noah and Naomi did not try this one as is says not for children under 14.  Leo - if you're reading this, I think we should stock up!  

Fawen Drinkable Soup is a familiar face!  I've tried 2 other flavors of this soup.  It's organic and vegan, ready to drink chilled or warmed up!  I got broccoli cauliflower this time and it tasted exactly as I expected it would...just like broccoli and cauliflower.  Definitely flavorful.  No need for additional spices or seasonings.  I actually drank it at room temperature and found it agreeable.  Anywho, I love me some soup!  Especially with the cold months ahead!  These will be great to stock up on.  Thumbs up from both Noah and Naomi on this one...but they both like broccoli so that was no surprise.  

Last but not least is Buff Bake Protein Cookie in White Chocolate Peanut Butter flavor.  YUM!  I saved this for last because I know Noah and Naomi would love it.  And they did!  Seriously though people, if you want a cookie you may as well eat one of these with 16 grams of protein in it!  That's nuts!  I have tried the snickerdoodle flavor before and was in looooove with it.  Sadly I wasn't as in love with this flavor.  There was an aftertaste I can't quite pinpoint.  Not awful, just not all cookie flavory like the last one.  Regardless, Naomi and Noah went to town chowing down on it.  

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