Monday, August 28, 2017

Born Pretty Store No Smudge Topcoat

Afternoon dears!  I'm melting into a puddle here at the gymnastics center but it's all good, it's lie a workout with me even having to do anything.  Haha, ok, it's not really a workout.  But I swear I'm sweating just as much as when I ran in the heat this morning.  You know with all the Fall stuffs coming out and me sharing those posts now I totally forgot to share this one that I did back in July.  My daughter and I went to The Indie Shop San Francisco, which was mermaid themed, and I did nails to go with that theme!  First off, I had a blast.  I love that TIS is a smaller, personable event.  I've been to 2 and even when the crowd is big and the line is long, there's still plenty of time to meet makers and other nail polish fanatics.  So I'm hoping that there will be another TIS close by because I'll definitely attend again.  So this mani was a fun little stamping project with KBShimmer, a Moyou London plate and Born Pretty Shop No Smudge topcoat.  The No Smudge Topcoat is available HERE for $2.59.  Don't forget you can save 10% using my code JTOW10.  Ok, let's check out polish.  

*press sample*

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I started with a pretty gradient with a few KBShimmers from the new Summer Vacation collection; No Wave!, Berry Chill and Hashtag You're It!.  I then stamped on top with the Moyou London Sailor Plate 05.  Obvs I just used a plain black creme to stamp the mermaid scales on with.  I always notice that my stamping smears ever so slightly, even when the stamping it dry.  So I did the same thing I typically do, I let the polish dry then used Born Pretty No Smudge Topcoat.  I was so impressed that the posh didn't smear at all!  No black streaks or smudges for me!  You guys, this is topcoat goals!!  Also, I was pretty damn pleased with how this mani turned out.  And it was fun to see other beach/mermaid/water themed nails at TIS.

Would you look at that!  Not a streak, smudge or smear anywhere to be seen!  

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