Sunday, January 20, 2013

OPI The Impossible

I'm sure you have seen the OPI Liquid Sands by now.  They are part of the Mariah Carey Collection and are very unique and interesting.  The Impossible, which I'm showing in this post, has a texture that didn't bother me nearly as much as I expected.  It was less gritty than some glitter bombs I have worn and surprisingly easier to remove than most glitters.  I found myself mesmerized with the feel and absent mindedly touched my nails up until I removed the polish (I must have looked ridiculous to people watching me).  Now that I've shared that dirty little secret I'll get on with the review.

The Impossible is a hot pink matte glitter.  It was fairly sheer and I ended up using 3 coats for the pictures below.  I was able to get a couple stars, but I really had to dig for them.  Then the stars stuck up a little and would scratch me.  Sigh.  So I didn't love the stars.  But I did love the look and the feel of The Impossible.  The glitter itself is so pretty…matte yet sparkly.  And I felt the texture really added to the fun aspect of the polish.  So next time I use it I will just skip trying to get any stars.  I did not use topcoat.

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