Friday, May 9, 2014

Above The Curve, Miscellaneous Review

Good evening dears!  Tonight I am (as usual) throwing up a post as I get ready to do other stuff.  Can you tell I am a nutritious multitasked?  Well I am doing laundry and bbq'ing a tri tip for the family while I wait for 5:30 so I can head over to the spa for my massage and facial.  It's been too long since I've gone and I am so looking forward to it.  So while I am getting a good deep tissue massage (and then the always less pleasant facial) you can peruse my post on these awesome Above The Curve polishes!  These are some truly awesome holos and I think you will be surprised which was my favorite!  Most of these are currently available at Above The Curve now, and there is also a huge selection of other lovely polishes.  They rang from $7.25-$8.50 for a full sized bottle.  


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This is Don't Blink from the Doctor Who, Part 2 collection.  Don't Blink is a "silver gray linear holo with fine black holo glitter and blue shimmer."  This one is awesome!  The holo effect is very strong and the black holo glitters do not take away from it.  They actually add some interest and I like the overall look.  The formula and application of Don't Blink are both great.  I used 3 coats and no topcoat. 

This bright beauty is Watermelon from the Jolly Rancher inspired collection.  This absolutely reminds me of a Jolly Rancher!  It's so bright and sweet and juicy looking!  Wish I could lick it!  Watermelon is simply a "red jelly with linear holo."  Though this is an amazingly opaque jelly!  I was expecting a very sheer application but was wowed when I only needed 2 coats of Watermelon for full coverage!  High five ATC!  Again, formula and application were both fabulous.  No topcoat used for these pictures.  

Lemming Have It, such a great name and a great color.  This is part of the Polish Addiction line and is described as a "beautiful purple/blue (blurple?) holo with blue shimmer flecks mixed in a jelly/crelly-ish base.  Lemming Have It is a really pretty and unique color to my collection.  The pictures are showing a bit deeper color than it actually is.  Lemming Have It is has an awesome formula and application.  I used 2 coats and no topcoat.  

And finally we have Diva P.  This was my unexpected favorite.  When I first looked at it I thought, hmm holo topper.  Then I looked closer and realized it has some color shifting flecks in it too!  ATC says this is one of their "special effects holo toppers packed with shimmer."  What I love is that it has versatility.  You can wear this over any color for some added pizazz.  I chose to wear it over Barry M Rose Hip, a soft pink jelly formula polish.  I use 2 coats of Diva P and it was totally amazing!  No topcoat used.  

I took a couple shade shots so you could see the color shifting flakies too! I think Diva P would be amazing over a darker base color and then matte-ified!  

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