Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Zoya Tickled Collection

Good afternoon dear readers!  I am taking a break from visiting my sons TK class, cleaning the house and feeding my daughter lunch to bring you the other part of the Zoya Summer collections...Tickled!  If you missed Bubbly yesterday you can see that post HERE!   Tickled turned out to be my surprise favorite of the 2 (surprise because I am so NOT a creme finish girl).  But the formula, application and colors of this collection are all amazing and perfection for the summer.  We see a lot of neons in the summer and it's a nice change to have these softer bright-leaning-neon colors to chose from.  The Zoya Tickled Collection is currently available to purchase.  Each full size bottle is $9.  Before we jump into the review I will go ahead and say that the formula on each of these was awesome - creamy and self leveling.  These can easily be 1 coaters (if you use thickets coats) but I am light handed so used 2 thin coats unless otherwise noted.  Application was smooth and perfect and so creamy, I did not use topcoat for any of my pictures.  Now let's look at polish!  


This gorgeous pink is Kitridge.  Kitridge is a "classic summer bubblegum pink cream."  This color is amazing.  I love the shade of pink and the pastel neon tone is a real winner.  This is going to look amazing on summer hands!  

Wendy is described as a "juicy summer melon."  It's definitely a more coral leaning pink but my pictures had a hard time capturing the true color of Wendy.  So I have indoor pictures to show you on Wendy since the sunshine was creating a more pink than melon effect, and trust me...you want Wendy for the melon awesomeness.  Wendy was actually on my favorites from the Tickled collection.  Such a pretty and unique color.

And the there was Rocha and my heart skipped a beat.  I am a serious sucker for this vibrant blood orange color.  What sets Rocha apart is the tiniest addition of a fine gold shimmer.  It is almost unnoticeable but you can see it there in the bottle and in my macro.  Rocha is a stunner and if you only picked one from the Tickled collection I would say this should be it.  Also, Rocha was thisclose to being a 1 coater for me.

Tilda is another fabulous color and I feel this "warm mantis green cream" will be a perfect color for the Summer as well as Spring and Fall.  Talk about a great transitional color for all your seasonal needs!  Tilda is fresh and clean and very nature-y.  About as nature-y as I like to get (ahem, does not like to camp, hike or do anything that involves bugs or dirt).  If you are a green fan then Tilda is definitely your gal!

Ling, "a vibrant royal cream" is this perfect balance between a plain creme and a neon blue.  I felt like I was looking into clean, still pool lined with amazingly intricate blue tiles.  Ling was super creamy and opaque.  And the kicker...I only needed 1 coat of Ling!  1 coater alert!  This was pretty high up on my favorites list as well.  

Finally we have Rooney.  Rooney is a "mid-range magenta pink cream."  Rooney looks more purple in the bottle and more pink on the nails so I wasn't sure where to place this on in my rainbow review. So here it sits in the "purple" spot.  If you really wanted neons Rooney should satisfy that craving.  Rooney is pretty dern bright and amazing.  

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