Friday, May 16, 2014

Bear Pawlish; You Ain't Limon, Holo Back Girl & Holo Friend

Good morning readers!  I have another new to me brand that I'm excited to share with you today.  Well it's not really new to me, I have been in the fan group and have lusted after quite a few of the beauties from Bear Pawlish for about 2 months now and just couldn't hold out any longer!  I ended up making a nice little purchase and have 3 of the 4 to show you today (I have a special idea for the 4th so keep an eye out for that one soon)!  Let me start this post by saying that Tennessee, the gal behind Bear Pawlish is really sweet!  Great customer service, very personable, gorgeous polish, plenty of stock (= no stress buying) and high quality formula.  So I think that's enough thumbs up that you should give the brand a try!  Alright - let's look at polish!

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This is You Ain't Limon'!  It's described as a "very happy lemon lime jelly holo."  On the nose!  This is a bright and fun color and while in the sunlight it's a neon yellow, in regular lighting it's the same color as Mountain Dew!  I always feel perked up when I wear bright colors like this and You Ain't Limon' didn't disappoint!  The fact that it's an amazing holo just added to my elation.  The formula and application were both fabulous.  I used  2 coats and 1 layer of topcoat.  

Holo Back Girl is another awesome holo!  Holo Back Girl is described as a "bright and intense purple linear holo."  I'd peg it more as a magenta-pink, but whatever color you think it is it's 100% amazing. The holo flame is really lovely with a strong purple color.  Again, the formula and application were both wonderful.  I used 2 coats and 1 layer of topcoat.  Ok, now you know you want to sing Gwen Stefani Hollaback Girl, I know I do!  And this polish definitely gets me fired up!  

Holo Friend is like the punky micro glitter sister to Holo Back Girl.  Holo Friend is a "purple scattered holo with larger purple circles and black diamond glitters."  Again, I see a berry-magenta instead of purple but it's still amazing!  So sparkly you really have to see it in person.  This was a very dense micro glitter and I had full coverage in 2 coats!  The circles and diamonds came out a bit sparsely but the ones that did end up on my nails looked awesome!  Formula and application were both great.  Be warned though - micro glitters are always a pain to clean up and take off, be prepared to have little glitter particles everywhere!  I added a few extra pictures of Holo Friend to show off the sparkle.

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