Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Emerald & Ash Snozzberries

Good morning friends!  As you know I have recently become a fan of the brand Emerald & Ash, not only because they have some fantastic polish and cuticle oil, but also because the duo behind the brand are both really awesome in person.  Ashley and Nate are so full of life and in sync with each other - it's no surprise to me that together they have created such a fabulous brand from top to bottom (by that I mean bottle choice, colors, labels, scents, etc...).  Well I have a gorgeous polish to share with you today so let's jump in and take a look!  And stay tuned because I hope to have a post up featuring 4 Emerald & Ash cuticle oil scents on my blog in the next week.  Full sized Emerald & Ash polish retails for $8.50 - $9.50 a bottle.  


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First off YES I can completely picture Snozzberries looking like this polish does!  Ashley and Nate  describe this polish as a"purple jelly that is filled with color shifting square glitter and some purple and red holo micro glitters."  Since this is a jelly base I decided to start with a ridge filling base coat, which gave my nails a bit of a matte/nude/opaque color to start with.  I was then able to reach full coverage with 2 coats of Snozzberries.  The formula was great and the application was fantastic.  No issues to bring up.  I was very happy with the glitter payoff.  And anything that makes a nod to one of my favorite movies ever is all right in my book.  


"The snozzberries taste like snozzberries!"  Wasn't Gene Wilder pure genius as Willy Wonka? 

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