Tuesday, September 2, 2014

KBShimmer Pink Sugar Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover & Pink Sugar Sugar Scrub

Good morning!  I have a non-polish, yet slightly polish related post for you today!  Have you tried any of the bath and body products from KBShimmer yet?  Well I hadn't until just recently and DOH, I feel like I've been under a rock.  But I'm out from under it now and add me to the fan club of these fantastic KBShimmer products.  Christy has a wide range of items, truly something for everyone.  There are lotions, sugar scrubs, cuticle oils, whipped butters, soap and bath bombs as well as base coat and topcoat!  Well I have a few of these items to share with you today, the removed and sugar scrub in the Pink Sugar scent.  


Let's start with the Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover.  Pink Sugar is a scent described as "cotton candy, lemon, caramel and raspberry fuse together with an undertone of a musk."  Pink Sugar is an amazing sent, sweet but sexy...100% feminine.  If you haven't tried anything in the Pink Sugar scent you need to now!  So I received the Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover in the blogger pack from the Vegas CosmoProf after party.  I found that the remover not only smelled wonderfully, but also worked wonderfully!  It tackles all the polish finishes with ease, doing a quick and efficient job.  It did not leave my nails or cuticles feeling dried out.  I will say that it left a weird feeling on my finger tips, like a residue or something?  But a quick rinse under water and that feeling was gone.  I don't see this product in the shop so I'm not sure if it's going to be released any time in the future.  I decided if it is introduced to the shop it would at least there would be a review floating around in cyberspace, waiting to be read.    

*size reference*

I also received a small size tub of the Pink Sugar Sugar Scrub.  This product was my favorite out of the blogger package.  Again, the smell is amazing and I really loved how it made my skin feel.  It's recommended that you "scoop out a small amount of scrub from jar, combine with water and use a gentle motion to buff away the dead skin cells and form a lotion."  I really liked the gentle "grit" of this scrub.  It was just enough that my hand really felt like it was being cleaned, yet not so much that it was abrasive.  I did just as directed, scooped a small amount out with my finger (you could also use a spoon) and with a little water I gently rubbed it over my hands.  The scrub doesn't dissolve immediately and does work into a nice moisturizing layer.  Once rinsed off my hands were left feeling clean, bright and soft.  

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