Wednesday, May 31, 2017

June 2017 Destination Duo, Trafalgar At Night; Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer & Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish

Afternoon!  I've got another post featuring Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer for you now.  I wanted to share it so soon after my morning post because the new Destination Duo will also be available today (5/31) at 3:30pm EDT.  BEGL teamed up with Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish to create gorgeous polishes inspired by a picture of the fountain at Trafalgar Square at night.  You'll be able to purchase the Trafalgar At Night duo in both shops for $20 shipped domestically.  International shipping will be prorated.  I'm really excited for both of these polishes...I think you are going to love them too!

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Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer:  ShopFacebookBEGLoveInstagram
Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish: Shop, Facebook, Cowgirls Corral, Instagram

Ooooh this duo is so gorgeous!  Let's start with the picture of what you'll get when you order the June Destination Duo.  2 absolutely stunning polishes and a baggie of sparkly glitters to accent your nails with!

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer's contribution to the Trafalgar At Night Duo is Mermaids in London.  It's a bright cherry red with rose gold and ruby metallic flakes and ultra holo flakes.  Ermagah I am drooling over how pretty this polish is.  The color! The finish!  Yeeeeeeeesssssss!  Formula and application were both fantastic.  I used 2 thin coats for full coverage and finished up with topcoat.  

Poetry Cowgirl Nail Polish added Light In The Dark to the duo.  It's a gorgeous bright pink shimmer with turquoise flash.  You know what?  This is another totally fantastic polish!  This duo is full of WIN!  Formula was on the thin side but it built up nicely.  Application was great.  I used 3 coats and finished up with topcoat.  

I used all the goodies from the Trafalgar At Night duo together for a fun look!  I did a sponge gradient and added some of the loose glitter for a blingy look.  I was really happy with how it turned out.   

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