Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer: May 2017 Collection

Good morning!  Hope you've had a fabulous, short week so far.  My kids are counting down the days until Summer is here, and truthfully so am I.  I can't wait for beach days and vacation!  Speaking of Summer, Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer is launching a new collection today (5/31), at 3:30pm EDT.  It's an unnamed trio and they're sure to tickle your fancy.  2 of the 3 are customs for the BEGLove Facebook group so you'll need to join in order to purchase those.  I also have some re-released polishes to share so if you missed out on them the first time around you may want to jump on them this time.  Read on to see what Julie has in store for you today!

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 Let's start with the new polishes.  Up first is On B-Days We Wear Blue.  This is a celebratory polish for the 4th birthday of BEGL!  Woot, happy birthday!  It's a neon blue with green to purple duo chrome shift.  I am totally feeling this shade of blue!  Perfect Summer shade!  Great formula and application too.  I used 3 thin coats for full coverage and finished with topcoat.

The next brand new polish from BEGL is Morning Star.  It's a navy blue jelly full of black holo micro glitters, blue holo glitters, matte yellow glitters and matte yellow mini stars.  This particular polish was inspired by the famous Van Gogh painting, The Starry Night.  Alright, the fine print.  This is a BEGLove group custom and you must be a member of the group in order to purchase this beautiful polish.  I used 3 thin coats for full coverage.  The glitter came out easily and in abundance.  No issues applying it.  The stars were playing hard to get, but I managed to get one on my nails!  I finished with a layer of topcoat, but I'd recommend a thick coat of Gelous to smooth things over.  

Luminous Matter is the third new polish, and another that will only be available to members of the BEGLove Facebook group.  It's a dusty indigo scattered holo with large silver ultra holo micro glitter, green to purple duo chrome shift, andaqua/green/blue/purple ultra chrome shift.  It was inspired by a photo of the Milky Way.  I really liked the birthday polish, but this one beat it out by a hair as my favorite.  So many gorgeous colors at play here with a stunning finish.  Formula and application were both great.  I used 2 coats for full coverage and finished with topcoat.  

Let's move on to the polishes being re-released.  This is my favorite of them and it's called Rubby.  Rubby is a neon pink creme with strong purple flash and purple shimmers.  This polish is HOT!  Seriously tho...look at that eye searing glow!  It's definitely in my top 5 choices for the Summer.  It dries with a matte finish so you'll definitely want topcoat it for a glossy shine.  Formula and application were both fantastic.  I used 3 coats for full coverage and topcoat for shine.  

The Season's Change is a berry pink linear holo with platinum flakies and silver microflakies.  Another totally gorgeous shade that I thought played against my skin tone really well.  Formula and application were nice and thick.  But not too thick.  The Season's Change was thisclose to being a one coater, but I ended up using 2 thin coats for full coverage.  Finished with topcoat.  

Chasing The Skyline is a royal blue creme with rainbow iridescent micro glitters and rainbow iridescent flakies.  This one didn't do it for me in the bottle.  But once I got it on my nails I was smitten.  It's the perfect shade of blue and the flakes and micro glitters add the perfect amount of interest.  You really need to see how much depth this polish has when the light hits it!  Formula was opaque and thick.  Application was a breeze.  I used 2 coats for full coverage and topcoat.  

Rent Boy is a deep scarlet creme.  If you check out the description on the listing you'll see that this polish can also be used for stamping!  I am definitely going to try that out!  But for now you can see how gorgeous this polish is - super vampy and gorgeous.  Great formula and application.  I used 2 thin coats and no topcoat needed. 

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