Monday, October 20, 2014

Mountain Wedding Nails & Outfit

Good afternoon lovelies!  I attended my little sister's wedding this past weekend and it was a beautiful event.  She did it completely DIY and everything was so well thought out and perfect for the location.  The wedding was in Mount Madonna in the woodsy area of Watsonville.  The ceremony took place in the small outdoors amphitheater.  As you can imagine there was a real outdoors/country/camping feel to everything.  My favorite things about the wedding were the "family photo wall" - essentially a wall with open picture frames that people could stick their arms and heads out of for fun pictures, the granola bar - which was the favors and s'mores cupcakes for dessert!  The weather was perfect, everyone was happy and feeling celebratory, the beer and wine were plentiful.  But most importantly my sister looked amazing and she was so full of joy and love.  I snapped a few pics of my outfit and nails to share with you.  

My earrings are from Chloe + Isabel, called La Bell Rose Chandelier Earrings.  This is  discontinued line and it's so gorgeous, I definitely need the long pendant that matches these earrings.  They were the PERFECT accessories to my dress.

My bracelet, also from Chloe + Isabel is the La Belle Rose Elyse Bracelet.  Again, this is a discontinued style, but I'm so glad I had it because it couldn't have been a more perfect match to my outfit.  The pearls and "diamond" strand are stretchy so it just slipped right on to my wrist. 

My sister made me this adorable flower wreath to wear.  Her crown had purple flowers in it and added just the right touch of color to her wedding dress.   Sorry for the lack of lipstick, I forgot to reapply throughout the day.  

Here's a picture showing more of my dress.  The sheer pannel on top was so pretty and delicate.  The bottom layed over a nude colored tulle to make the skirt part poofy.  I purchsed this dress from the Nordstrom website way back in the beginning of the summer.  

It was a cowboy boot kind of a wedding!  I just had to have them, and I'm so glad I do because I love them!  I picked these up from Amazon.  They are Ariat Women's Heritage Western R Toe Boot.  They were pretty heavy so thank goodness for free Amazon Prime shipping!  These are very well made and comfortable boots.  I wore them a couple times before the entire day of wear just to break them in a bit.  They already have that soft feel and I can tell they will only get softer and more comfortable over time.  

On to my nails!  Please excuse any poor clean up or mistakes.  I painted late at night on Friday night (after the rehearsal dinner - where I also may have had more wine than I thought) and had to be up bright and early for hair and makeup appointments!  This is just a quick picture I took of my nails over my dress so you could see that I went with matching polish shades.  

Here's another picture (later in the day).  I'm holding my flower crown.  

From left to right: Zoya Chita, IBD Paint Riot, Jessica Broadway Bound and Pahlish La Derniere Reine.  

I used 2 coats of Jessica Broadway Bound on my index nail.  Such a perfect red-orange shade!  And the shimmer is perfect!  I also used Broadway Bound on my middle nail, sponged on my tip over Pahlish La Derniere Reine.  

I have 3 coats of Pahlish La Derniere Reine on my thumb, middle and pinky nails.  This is a fantastic nude shade, full of soft copper flakes.  Yeah, in my rush I dragged some of the red polish up onto the nude polish.  Sigh.  

My accent nail is Zoya Chita, a unique and beautiful hunter green color.  It's a PixieDust so it has that great texture that we all love.  Chita is truly gorgeous and one of my favorite Pixies ever!  

I finished this off using IBD Paint Riot over my middle nail to bring out the black/gold shades in my dress.  I used 2 coats of Paint Riot.  This is a very subtle and pretty glitter.  It gave just the perfect touch to make my nails feel a little blingy.  I finished off all nails, except Zoya Chita, with 1 layer of topcoat.  

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