Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Orly Sparkle Collection (re-post of pictures from CosmoProf NA)

Good evening....I am reposting my pictures from CosmoProf North America in Las Vegas as I was asked to take down any information regarding the Orly Sparkle Collection.  Well this collection comes out sometime this month and I've seen swatches floating around so I am re-posting my original pictures from back in July.  Orly Sparkle is the holiday collection and it's definitely got a couple promising shades!  I imagine at least one will be a sell out.  So head to your local beauty supply stores (Sally's, Ulta, etc...) to see if these Orly's have arrived yet!  I've also seen them on Amazon and TransDesign if you don't have any beauty supply stores near you.  

Mirrorball is a linear silver holo with silver holo micro glitters sprinkled throughout.  My guess is that this is going to sell out so get it as soon as you see it.  

*with flash* 

Bling is a gold holo micro glitter!  So sparkly and festive.  Perfect way to bling up your holiday party outfits!

 *with flash*

*without flash*

My third pick from Sparkly is Explosion of Fun.  It's a magenta holo micro glitter full of blue shimmer.  Hello gorgeous!  I am very much looking forward to the Sparkly collection!

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