Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Red Dog Designs Flamingo Bay

Hullo polish friends!  This post makes me happy!  I think I have found my most favorite shade of pink EVER!  What's even more awesome is that this is an amazing textured polish and the FIRST one to be done by an indie brand.  Red Dog Designs released The Neon Summer Sands collection just last week and they are a very trendsetting collection.  It consists of 6 neon sand polishes.  If you want to purchase these you can get them at the Red Dog shop.  And follow Red Dog on Facebook to keep up with news on up and coming polish.  Gina is constantly putting out amazing polishes!  If you haven't tried a texture polish yet I 100% recommend the Red Dog Sands.  They are fantastic! 

Flamingo Bay is a neon pink texture polish with silver micro sparkles throughout.  It's an amazing color and the texture is spot on.  This polish is very well made and can stand up against all the mainstream textures that are out right now.  It's a true texture, not a polish overloaded with glitter to cause a fake texture effect.  I used 2 thin coats and let each layer dry completely in between coats.  The formula was great, easy to work with and spread easily on my nails.  No topcoat.  On a side note, Naomi was smitten with this polish too and insisted I did matching nails for her...check out my new page featuring Naomi's nails for pictures of her wearing Flamingo Bay!

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