Friday, June 20, 2014

Smitten Polish Spam!

Good morning all!  Hope your Friday is going by quickly and you can start your weekend without a hitch.  I am hanging with my kids and watching the Italy vs. Costa Rica soccer match.  I'm a big soccer fan, I love to play and watch, so the World Cup is always an exciting event for me.  So while I watch I thought I'd share this post full of gorgeous polish with you!  The polish in this post is a random assortment from different collections, old and new and some customs.  Hopefully it whets your appetite for the upcoming Summer 2014 that I'll have posted on Monday (possibly later tonight).  So let's jump in and enjoy some polish!

Let's start this off with a polish I won a long time ago...I Want It Now.  Hello beautiful, I'm sorry I neglected you for so long!  I Want It Now is a polish packed full of green, blue and holo microglitters in a tinted green jelly base.  This polish is so sparkly and blingy it's hard to look away!  Formula and application were both great.  I used 3 coats of I Want It Now and 1 layer of topcoat.  This is an older polish and isn't available anymore.


This gorgeous polish is Pigment of My Imagination.  It's a fabulous purple with blue undertones and a buck ton of green shimmer.  In the bottle it's definitely blue, but once on the nail it's purple.  Such a little trickster!  The first coat is pretty sheer but Pigment of My Imagination did build up nicely.  I ended up using 4 coats and no topcoat for the pictures below.  Pigment of My Imagination was a custom color and is not available for public purchase.  

Jamaican Sunset is the most fabulous hot pink linear holo that I own.  It's amazing and bright and happy and perfect.  There is a bit of an orange undertone in there that helps with the glowy-ness of the polish.  Formula and application were both awesome.  I used 3 coats and no topcoat.  Jamaican Sunset is another custom color that is not available for purchase.  


 Is it coral?  Is it pink?  Coral-I-See is so gorgeous does it matter?  Nope.  This beautiful blended color is the most amazing summery shade of coral/pink and it's packed full of pink, purple and gold shimmer.  Coral-I-See had perfect formula and coverage.  I used 3 layers and no topcoat.  And I know you are going to be mad, but Coral-I-See is yet another custom color that isn't available for purchase.  


Ahhh, you know I love my yellow polish and yellow holo holds a special place in my heart.  It's just so darn sunshiney and happy.  This is Sunny Side Up, a bright golden yellow linear holo.  It's just so cheerful I am smiling looking at my pictures.  Formula and application of Sunny Side Up were both fabulous.  I used 3 layers and no topcoat.  Sunny Side Up is currently available to purchase.  

Much like many a polishaholic and holo fan girl, I am always on the hunt for a pure white linear holo.    I have to say Nimbus is the closest I have come across in my search.  Noelie describes is at "somewhere between white and very light dove grey."  Nimbus is a beautiful and very refreshing shade.  The formula was much creamier than I expected (as other "white" holos I have tried are on the sheer side) and coverage was great.  You can easily use 2 coats of Nimbus but for pictures sake I used 3 and no topcoat.  Nimbus is currently available to purchase.  

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