Monday, October 15, 2012

He Slimed Me!

Yesterday we celebrated my middle littles 4th birthday!  He requested a Ghostbuster party and seeing as how that movie is quite old I had a heck of a time finding anything to go with the theme.  It basically turned into a haunted house-Ghostbuster party with lost of spooky Halloween decorations.

I wore Dollish Polish He Slimed Me! on my nails.  HSM is a clear base full of sheer slimer green glitters and sparkly holo particles.  I don't think HSM will build up on it's own so you definitely want to layer it.  I wore it over Lasting Fix polish in Juicy (from the UK).  It's a light pastel lime green with an iridescent sheen.  It was also pretty sheer and a tad patchy, leaving some bald spots.  But I think the effect works since Slimer is a ghost after all and is see-thru.  On my nails you will see 1 coat of HSM over 2 coats of Juicy.  It was a very light mani and I'd like to try HSM over a darker green color next time.  

Are you a Slimer fan?  You can get He Slimed Me at the Dollish Polish store and can follow DP on Facebook.  

here's a picture I drew of Slimer (for those of you who don't know who he is)

You can see the sheerness of the polishes here

inside picture

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