Friday, October 19, 2012

Purple Revolution + Bride of Franken

I'm just going to delve right in….

Dior Purple Revolution is an uber deep purple, borderlining black.  It went on like all the other Diors I own - like buttah.  I love the formula and the dark color.  I used 2 coats for full coverage.

I recenlty went through a major obsession over Lynderella Bride of Franken, which is now a discontinued color.  I went back and forth for like a month on this purchase: should I, shouldn't I?  Ask my friends - they will tell you (thanks for putting up with my nonsense ladies, you know who you are). So I took the leap and got a bottle.  BoF is pretty damn amazing so I am very happy with my decision.  It's a a sheer purple base with irridescent blue and purple glitter.  There is also holographic shimmer particles in there.  I attempted to put this over a light color and it was washed out.  But over a dark color like Purple Revolution, that's when the magic happens.  It reminds me of galazy nails but I didn't have to actually create the galazy.  I used 1 coat of BoF on top of Purple Revolution, then a layer of topcoat. 

Please keep my mind my pictues do negative justice to this mani…both of these polishes are gorgeous.  

sorry for the weird one nail blurred photo


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