Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Zombie Sharts

Here's a fun little Halloween polish to share….Zombie Sharts.  ZS was just a fun little polish my friend Gina put together to send friends in swap packages.  Well it really gathered quite the following.  So much so that you may see it in a certain store (Red Dog Design) under a slightly altered name (Zombie-licious).  

Zombie Sharts is a pea soup green base with a ton of stuff going on inside.  Here's what I see: black, holo, light green, silvery-lavender and yellow hexs, hunter green micro-glitter and a very fine holo micro-shimmer.  And it works!  I used 2 layers of Zombie Sharts alone and had complete coverage on my nail.  I had to move some of the larger glitters around just a tad, but other than that application was easy peasy (ha, pun intended).   I used a coat of Gelous for smoothness then a layer of topcoat for shine.

Is Zombie-licious your cup of pea soup?  You can purchase it and other amazing colors (like The Engineer which I reviewed here) from Red Dog Designs facebook page or online shop.

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