Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spooky Floam

I'm really kicking butt and taking Halloween polish names!  There were seriously so many beautiful polishes put out this season/holiday by the big brands and indies that I felt the need to get as many as humanly possible

This post features Spooky Floam, the glow in the dark cousin to Floam.  It's packed with tiny matte glitters in orange, green and black.  There are also some shiny orange glitters in there that give SF an extra fun quality.  This is all in a sheer murky orange base.  But here's where I made an error in judgement.  I decided to wear it alone.  If you have it and are going to use it - DON'T.  Just don't.  Layer it over another color like my friend Sheila at Pointless Cafe did.  Not only will you get better coverage, but it will probably be much easier to remove (it took quite a bit of elbow grease and I found stray glitter on my fingers for days after).  I had to use 3 layers to get almost full coverage, and you will see my tips are still a tad sparse.  But the glitter did come out in plentitude and was easy enough to apply.  It just didn't play nice with my tips.  I used a layer of topcoat to keep it shiny and smooth.  

Sadly I failed at getting mine to glow so I have no gitd to share.  It was user error for sure, maybe I just don't play well with gitd polish.  Boo.  You can get Spooky Floam and other Ninja Polishes exclusively at the Ninja Polish website

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