Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Layla Softouch Queen Burgundy (07)

Just because I adore this polish so much I am going to post a few pictures of it all by itself.  Seriously, Queen Burgundy is gorgeous.  I can't wait to try out other Layla Softouches.  I hope with all my might they are as awesome as this one was!  You can see Queen Burgundy with Sonoma Nail Art Deadly Zins in my previous post here.  

Here's the quick rundown.  I used 2 coats for full opacity.  I did not use a topcoat becuase that would obscure the amazing powdery, velvety finish.  The formula was wonderful, not too thick or too thin. There were no bald spots or dragging.  The dry time was quick compared to other polishes.  

Layla is available at some beauty supply stores and etailers such as Ninja Polish.  Now that part is out of the way…on to the photos!  Enjoy!

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