Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Poison Ivy + Here Lies Robert

Time for a little something sinister…how about some Poison Ivy on a grave?  Teasing, I'm only talking polish here people!  I'm continuing the trend with 2 more Halloween colors.  One put out by a drugstore brand and the other is an indie.  

Drugstore brand first - Wet n Wild Poison Ivy from the Pick Your Poison collection, a deep forest green with green shimmer.  In most lighting the shimmer is not noticeable, in the sunlight it is.  I really liked the formula of this polish, it was so close to being a one-coater, but I did use 2 just to be sure I had everything opaque.  Application was smooth and almost perfect if it weren't for the brush.  Holy cow!  WnW seems to be making a wider brush with each collection they release!  It was literally wider than my pinky nails.  So be warned - it takes a cautious hand to get this one on without painting your skin.  

Indie next - I accented my thumb and ring finger nails with Sonoma Nail Art Here Lies Robert.  HLR is one of the 4 set that Sonoma Nail Art released for Halloween.  I reviewed Halloween In the Vines here.  I didn't think I liked HLR and figured I'd trade or sell it.  Alas I was wrong and my wallet continues to weep silently.  Robert Ripley lived and is burried in Santa Rosa, CA - so there's your connection.  HLR is a glitter polish different than any I have in my collection.  It's light green, black and silver hexs, bright apple green bars, and gole and green micro glitter.  Wonderful combination for a Halloween polish.  HLR went on smoothly and easily - no fishing for glitter.  I was happy with the variety of glitter that made it on my accent nails with the 2 coats I used.  I slathered Gelous on my glitter fingers and topcoat on the rest.  

Have you spotted the WnW Pick Your Poison collection yet?  Which is your favorite?  Are you one of the lucky ones who has snagged any of the Sonoma Nail Art Halloween polishes?  Sonoma Nail Art links: Facebook, blog, etsy.

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