Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Beauty Post: Ardell Eyebrow Kit

Hi there!  Today I actually wanted to share a beauty post with you - the Ardell Eyebrow Kit.  When my sister got married back in October I had my hair and makeup done for the event.  The makeup artist used an eyebrow kit on me to darken and fill in my eyebrows.  Well I was hooked.  I loved my darker and fuller eyebrows and now I use the Ardell Eyebrow Kit every day.  It's so easy and only takes a minute to spruce up my own arches.  I would say that my brows are medium thickness/darkness with a few sparse areas.  I also could do for a little more length at the ends.  When I fill in my eyebrows I feel done.  I feel more confident.  If you haven't tried out an eyebrow kit you should - it really helps create a lovely frame for your entire face!  

*press sample*

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So this is what the Ardel Eyebrow Kit looks like.  3 natural shades of pressed powders, handy mini tools; eyeshadow applicator, a small angled brush and mini tweezers.  There is also a mirror underneath the tools so you really could stash this kit in your purse and use it on the go.  I used the darker of the 2 powders to fill in my brows.  Using the angled brush I dabbed it into the powder and lightly filled on any sparse spots, extending my brow in length ever so slightly.  You don't need much powder, so be careful that you don't overdo it.  There's a huge difference between finished brows and overdone brows.  I finished by using the shadow applicator to sweep the highlighting shade (the light cream color) just under my brow bone to really make that definition pop.  Done!  Who knew such a small step in your beauty routine would make such a huge difference.  

(don't mind my unfinished eyeshadow)

Here is my finished makeup with my filled in eyebrows.  It looks so natural but really helps my eyebrows stand out  - which in turn helps bring more attention to my eyes.  I love the difference the Ardel Eyebrow Kit made in my daily look - small change, huge payoff! 

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