Monday, December 29, 2014

My Personal Top 10 Mainstream Polishes of 2014

Good morning lovelies!  I'm back with 1 more Top 10 post for you - but this time it features the mainstream brands that I tried out.  Much like that last post, featuring my favorite indie polishes for 2014 (you can see that post HERE), I will provide pictures and links to the original posts so you can read up on the individual polishes if you so desire!  Thank you for a a fabulous year full of gorgeous polish 2014!  I hope that 2015 has exciting things in store for us polish fanatics!  So lets get started!

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10. Jessica SoHo In Love.  What a gorgeous, pastel pink-nude creme this is!  It was the perfect palate cleanser and a perfectly girly shade.  I hope to try plenty more polish from Jessica Cosmetics this coming year.  Original post HERE.  
Jessica Cosmetics SoHo In Love

9. China Glaze Stop That Train.  Here's one of those polishes that is just so me I couldn't take it!  The rest-red orange color was fabulous.  The shimmery finish was to die for.  I know China Glaze will have loads of interesting and beautiful polish for 2015 and I look forward to seeing exactly what it will all look like!  Original post HERE.  

China Glaze Stop That Train

8. Sheswai Lacquer Yowza.  I am not even sure if this polish was released in 2014, but since I tried it out this year it made the cut!  This is such a gorgeous, shimmery purple.  And the formula.  Swoon!  Sheswai has their formula down to a perfect science - buttery, creamy, opaque!  I know Sheswai mostly does cremes, a couple shimmers.  I hope they release a plethora of new shades in 2015!  Original post HERE.    

Sheswai Lacquer Yowza

7. OPI Comet in the Sky.  I'll admit that I wasn't too impressed with the Gwen Stefani Holiday 2014 Collection.  Then I saw Comet in the Sky.  Jaw hit the ground - no joke.  OPI totally channeled the indie brands with this iridescent and black glitter bomb.  It's FANTASTIC!  I wore it over a deep navy blue shade and it was perfect galaxy on my nails.  OPI is another brand that I know won't disappoint in 2015 - I have already seen a few collection floating around the Facebook groups and I can't wait to see them in real life.  Original post HERE

OPI Comet in the Sky

6. Color Club The Uptown.  I'll admit I've never been much of a flakie fan.  Then The Uptown came out and I happened across it in a beauty supply store.  I bought it.  I loved it.  Now I am beyond happy that I did get it because for some reason Color Club changed their formula and The Uptown looks nothing like this lovely flakie polish!  Color Club always does a great job of putting out interesting and unique collections full of glitters, shimmer, textures, toppers.  I can't wait to see what they have in store for us in 2015.  Original post HERE.  

Color Club The Uptown

5. Orly Pink Crystal.  This was actually not a polish that Orly ever released.  This was a one off that polish fans were finding across the states in Marshall's and TJ Maxx stores.  Man we went nuts over these texture polishes.  One look at Pink Crystal and it's easy to see why we all spend time looking for this (and it's peach counterpart Just Peachy!).  This was a nice bright, perfect for spring and summer pinky-red texture that I think should have been release in mass quantity.  But oh well, maybe 2015 will bring more Orly textures for us to love.  Original post HERE.  

Orly Pink Crystal

4. Dior Aventure.  This is one of the gel-like colors that Dior released in the late Spring.  I'm a little (ok HUGE) fan of the Dior formula so I was excited to try these.  They didn't disappoint.  Aventure applied just like the regular Diors but had so much more shine and gloss.  I'd be a happy camper to see more polishes like this line from Dior.  I'd also be happy to see some more greens and oranges too!  Original post HERE.  

Dior Aventure

3. Rescue Beauty Lounge Oliveto.  Alright - I am not sure this could really be considered a mainstream brand but it surely isn't an indie.  I guess it sits somewhere in the middle but it's going in this post so I'm just going to have to deal with my in-betweener polish selection.  What I love about this polish isn't just the color or name, it's the way Ji makes you feel like you are in Italy, taking in the sights though her inspiration.  RBL is a brand that paints a lovely picture behind the polish as well as your nails.  I hope 2015 brings us more inspired collections much like this from the Italian Summer Collection.  Original post HERE.  

RBL Oliveto

2. Zoya Posh.  This is a re-release from a year or two back.  I can't say no to a red.  Let alone a matte red.  This is a real beauty and it looks amazing in it's intended matte state as well as with topcoat.  It's like getting 2 polishes for the price of 1!  I would love to see more MatteVelvets from Zoya in 2015! Original post HERE.  

Zoya Posh

1. Barielle Hawaiian Sunset.  I don't think this one even needs an explanation.  Look at it.  Bright orange.  Heavy gold shimmer.  Jen Jen Jen!  Actually I went into this list with a completely different order so when it started pouring out of my head I surprised myself.  But then I look at this picture and the post and I just knew this was my favorite mainstream of the year.  I only started wearing Barielle about halfway through 2014 but I was consistently impressed with the formula and quality of their polish.  2015 should be a promising year for Barielle and I can't wait to see what their collections have in store for us!  Original post HERE.  

Barielle Hawaiian Sunset

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