Thursday, December 24, 2015

Guest Post from Scandalous n' Sassy

Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve!  I hope today is a relaxing day for you, hopefully not too much rushing around and last minute things need to be done.  But if you do have to go out into the day-before-Christmas madness I hope your lines are short and the traffic is nil.  Today's guest post is from Christina of Scandalous n' Sassy!  Christina started blogging this past July and homegirl is going out all gangbusters and shiz!  You know what I love about her?  She isn't afraid to try trends, nail art or new brands!  In fact, she shares some brands that are new to me and has me all heavy breathing to get my hands on them!  Be sure to check out Scandalous n' Sassy on her BLOG and INSTAGRAM to see more of her pictures!  Let's jump in and check out this awesome nail art she did for her post!



Here are some lovely swatches I picked up from Christina's Instagram page!  Love her macros!

* nothing to disclose *

Hello new friends, and a very Happy Holidays to everyone that celebrates something.
And if you don't, well then Happy Day!!!

You are probably thinking, who are YOU, well hello and good day. I am Scandalous N' Sassy and I am going to share with you a fun little artsy mani that I did to fill in for my girl Jen while she's enjoying some much needed R & R with her family on a little family vacay.

I am SO excited to share with you my mani that I "played" with.  It is officially my FIRST REAL attempt at nail art and I am OVER THE MOON with excitement on how it turned out.  Sure, there are a few things I learned and can improve upon, but dagnabit, I'm thrilled!

Also, I used a BUNCH of polishes and products and I can't wait to share them all with you!!!  YIPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE... let's just JUMP right in, I'm not good with surprises!!!

GALAXY MANI!!!!  Yes, you read that right even though I was screaming... Galaxy Mani!!!  EEK!

Isn't it FUN!?!?!  I love how it turned out, how it sparkles and has some dimension to it.  SO MUCH GOODNESS and it's SPARKLY BARKLY!!!!!!

So the base was one single coat of Fancy Gloss's Pitch Black (for the undies)... topped with one coat of Darling Diva Polish's Night Owl.  That was originally what I was doing. I was playing with my Black Friday Darling Diva and when I finished and was WOW'd, I thought, THIS is the PERFECT base for me to try a Galaxy Nail.   The Night Owl is this sexy multichrome that was flashing me colors of purples and blues a little orange in some light.

 On top of the base, I started with a little ILNP (I Love Nail Polish) Sweater Weather.  I used the brush and just dabbed it on in no particular pattern.  Little here and a little there.  Then over that, I used a sponge and applied some of the Serum No 5 Glo-Balt Blue.  Also, no particular order, I was kind of going for cloudish dabs.  Here and there.  Then I applied Serum No 5 Twilight, same thing, sponge dabbing here and there... overlapping some of the Glo-Balt Blue.  And I finished it off with Serum No 5 Moonlight.  (how PERFECT is that name for a Galaxy Mani?!?!!) 

That was perfect, but it needed some stars.  I started out with my smallest dotting tool, and with Fancy Gloss's Snow Queen I started dotting on some simple white stars.  However, that wasn't small enough so I found a straight pin and used that  PERFECT tiny stars. I wasn't happy with the bigger stars so after applying the top coat, I used my tiny iridescent sparkles and applied them.  And another top coat.  Oh, I used the Darling Diva Polish's Pryzmatic PETC (Performance Enhancing Top Coat).  PERFECT!!  There was some slight texture after all that sponging and not only was there NO SHRINKAGE (yes men, nail polish has the same problem)... but it smoothed the whole thing out with the BEST sparkly barkly SHINE!!!!!

Of course, I used my Cutie Drops (from the Nail Junkie) it nourishes my nail and cuticle and it has some magic in it (unicorn tears perhaps) that helps my lacquer dry quicker.  TAH DAHHHHH 

And, I was able to play with all my nail art because of my AMAZING Uber Chic stamping mat from Uber Chic.  LOVE IT!!!  Seeing that it is a silicon I just painted my polish on the mat for stamping and dotting. Then I didn't have to keep opening my polish wand to all that air contact.  The mat made it SO MUCH EASIER!!!!  And of course clean up is EASY BREEZY!!!!   YIPPPEEEEEEEEE

So... here is the bonus. 
IF you know about Serum No 5, my next picture is NOT going to be a total surprise, but here goes...  


Yes,  I actually did NOT sleep well, because I was like a kid on Christmas Eve that just could not SLEEP.  I wanted to keep peepin' at my glow in the dark fingernails.  LOLOL

I can't say it enough, I love nail polish. I love nail art. I LOVE GLOW IN THE DARK and SPARKLY BARKLY!!!!  I am OVER THE MOON!!!  Yes, I am seriously GIDDY! 

* nothing to disclose *

Ok my new friends, I used a lot of goods, but you can peruse the shops and find your own beauties that speak to you.  Definitely check out the Uber Chic stamping mat, I think everyone should have one. It's great to use even just to protect your table top surface.

Fancy Gloss, you can check out her shop here
Darling Diva Polish, check out all her polishes and top coat here
Serum No 5, check here out (GITD and MORE) here
Uber Chic, stamping plates and stamping products here
the Nail Junkie, all of her nail care products AND LACQUER here

Also, everyone is on Facebook with their own groups and pages and fun.  
**Go check them out on Facebook and on IG (Instagram).**

What is YOUR favorite nail art that you have seen or done or even recreated from someone.  Let me know!

Have the greatest of days... and if you are a big kid that still believes... look out into the Galaxy tonite and watch for the fat man in his sleigh being escorted by his reindeer team.  

Happy day... and please, remember to SMILE because the world needs more of that. 

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