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Round Up: My Nail Polish Obsession Favorites from 2015

Hello and happy last day of 2015!  I can't believe how quickly another year has flown by.  Did you accomplish all the resolutions you made for yourself?  Will you be making new resolutions this year? I personally don't make resolutions for the New Year because I feel that changes and goals should be made all year long, not just at the start of the year.  But if someone was twisting my arm I could list a few off of you.  So let's see...

1. Practice patience 
2. Run at least 6 half marathons 
3.  Don't take on more than I can handle (i.e. it's ok to say no)
4. Ask for help
5.  Switch my blog to Wordpress then to a .com
6. Visit my friends more often
7. Stop being so attached to my phone/internet
8. Decide what I want to do with myself next year when all of my kids will be in school!  

I guess that's it for now.  My list will change and evolve as I remove and add things according to my life at the moment.  But that's not why you are here.  You are here to see what my favorite polishes of 2015 were so let's get to it shall we?  I swear these lists are so hard.  I always have my favorite brands so picking ONE polish to showcase their awesomeness is very difficult.  Keep in mind these are MY favorites, they have nothing to do with number of likes, comments, or popularity.  I'll share links to my original posts and shops in each section.  I'm listing these in no particular order so the numbers mean nada.  And with that last we go!

*press sample*
*purchased by me*

1. Smitten Polish Let's Kiss
This purple matte beauty is from the Valentine's collection.  I had a really hard time picking one from Smitten because I have so many favorites.  But I was really impressed with the formula and finish of the mattes that were released around this time.  I was especially drawn to Let's Kiss as the matte finish seemed to be best shown off here.  I for one am holding my breath in anticipation of the Dreamland launch!  The new labels are beautiful and I know the polish will be what I have always loved.  
*Smitten Polish will be changing it's name to Dreamland Polish in mid-January
*there will be a clearance sale on 1/1/16 at 2pm Central; $5 polish (excludes the new duo and winter collection) and $15 prototype grab bags
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2.  Girly Bits Dead Man's Toe
How could I not pick a polish inspired by Hocus Pocus?  Pam made so many amazing polishes this year but Dead Man's Toe really knocked my striped witch socks off.  That murky green.  That vibrant pink shimmer.  So gorgeous!  Plus it was Fall/Halloween polish so you knew I had no chance.  There's no doubt Pam will have some beauties coming our way sooner than later!  I am waiting on pins and needles to see what she's cooked up!   

3. Paint Box Polish North Shore Shrimp Shack
I especially love this one because The North Shore collection was inspired by Hawaii and came out right before I went to Oahu!  I actually got to wear North Shore Shrimp Shack to THE North Shore Shrimp Shack (Giovanni's Shrimp Truck)!  This vibrant coral creme is full of ultra chrome flakies, which were all the rage this year!  Such a perfect polish for hot summer days.  I'm a fan of Pam's cohesive collections and I always seem to have destination mani's with Paint Box Polish so maybe I'm hoping for a Disneyland or a Paris collection next!  

4.  Superficially Colorful Foolish Hearts
Here's another polish that came out around Valentine's Day.  Foolish Hearts has such a spectacular formula to match the gorgeous colors!  Actually the whole Troubled Love collection was gorgeous but I was a big fan of this purple-maroon thermal that Jin came up with.  If you haven't tried a thermal yet I highly suggest you try one from Superficially Colorful - Jin's got some serious thermal game going on over in her shop.  I'd be happy to see some new thermals  (maybe holo glitter or flakie thermal) from Jin!  But really anything she creates makes me happy - they are always well made and stunning!  
*Superficially Colorful is having an end of year sale and closing out on many discontinued polishes!     

5. Zoya Rayne
I really loved the new Zoya Matte Velvets, but I also really loved the sheer-shimmery polishes Zoya realized in the Delight collection in the Spring.  Rayne is a gorgeous color and it has a shimmer that just makes you smile.  Now I'll admit the formula wasn't up to par with Zoya's regular game, but the color was just darn fabulous I was able to overlook the sheer and streaky problems.  

6. Barielle Champagne Bubbles
This is such an odd color I really had to love it.  It went so well with my skin tone!  Champagne Bubbles is more of a creamy tangerine than a champagne color but color is in the eye of the beholder (or something like that).  Anyways, I was on the fence about it when I swatched it but looking back I'm like WOW!  That looks great!  Yeah, no rhyme or reason.  I'm weird.

7. Sweet Heart Polish Country Fair
Sweet Heart Polish killed it this year with gorgeous holos and flakies and glitters.  Back in the Summer Cassandra released the Summer Memories collection and it was 4 soft crellies full of glitters.  I had been craving glitter crellies SO BADLY and this completely hit the spot!  I loved all 4 of them but if I had to pick one for this post it's County Fair.  The soft white with the neon glitters is beyond amazing and was perfection for the Summer.  I'd love to see more "themed" and "inspired by" polish from Sweet Heart in 2016 - and a comeback of the Disney Duos!  
*end of year sale - 25% off using code GOODBYESUMMER.  no minimum.  expires 1/2/16 at 11:59pm Pacific

8. KBShimmer Green Weaver
KBShimmer was another brand that I had a hard time narrowing down.  I had at least 5 to chose from.  Well I was digging duo and multi chromes this year.  I was into flakies.  That helped whittle my choice down to Green Weaver from the Summer collection.  Green Weaver is both a multi chrome AND a flakie!  How dope is that?  This was a fun polish to wear and now that I'm thinking about it I do need to go back and order it's siblings!  If you pick this one up try sponging the polish on - it helps ensure the flakies cover more evenly.  Christy already has her first 2016 collection launching on the 1st!  If this is our first taste we are in for a treat next year! 

9. Morgan Taylor A Touch Of Sass
I was really happy to try Morgan Taylor this year.  I mean sure, I have a couple at home but I don't think I've actually worn them.  But I had a few mini kits and the cremes from Morgan Taylor are really stellar!  Case in point - the entire Honky Tonk Honeys mini set.  Well, minus the shimmery one.  The cremes slayed me.  But my biased little heart really adored the red - A Touch Of Sass.  Classy, sexy, timeless.  

9. Colors by Llarowe Need For Speed
This dark and vampy black holo is full of coppery red shimmer and blue flame.  Need For Speed is from the limited edition Go Faster collection so you know that means it's not around any more.  I wish it was thought because I'd totally buy a backup!  This was the perfect amount of vampy and flashy.   You know Leah Ann does a stellar job with each collection she releases so I am excited to see what CbL will be putting on the table in 2016!   

10. Sally Hansen Lavish
I was impressed with the Velvet Texture collection.  They had an interesting finish and a slight texture to them.   And of course Lavish was my favorite - being the ox blood shade that it was.  I do remember it being a big brush-strokey, but that color.  That finish.  A few streaks won't deter me.  I wish I'd gotten more of this collection!  

11. ellagee Jeweled Egg Hunt
ellagee started this "jeweled" series and every now and then Laura releases a new one.  I'm on board for a new "jeweled" polish a month!  They are sparkly and blingy and gorgeous!  Jeweled Egg Hunt was released around Easter but it's colors are so luxurious and fancy (for lack of a better word) you could wear it for any season!  I'll be pining for more "jeweled" polish in 2016! 

12. Cupcake Polish Down For The Count
Yup, I didn't pick Blood Hound or Berry Good Looking.  Trust me, I adore those.  I adore all my Cupcakes actually.  But Down For The Count from the Modern Vampire collection is such a different and unique shade.  It's like butterscotch.  I love butterscotch.   And unique colors get me excited.  Plus, every Cupcake I have ever tried is like buttah.  Perfect formula.  They are all a hit - you just can 't go wrong with this brand.  Can't wait t see what Sara has in store for the upcoming seasons!  

13. Darling Diva Polish Have You Ever Been Mistaken For A Man?
I've said it before but the answer is no.  But it still makes me laugh.  HYEBMFAM? is from the Hug My Face (aka Alien) collection.  I loved many shades from this collection but picked out a few when it was time to buy.  This was my hands down favorite.  Deep, dark, broody, but so SO sexy.  Plus it's a super linear holo.  Plus it's a one coater.  That's a no brainer in my book!  Carrie always busts out amazing collections so I am very much looking forward to her line up for 2016!

14. Different Dimension Retrograde
Retrograde is from the Cosmologically Speaking Part 2 collection.  It's a warm brown linear holo with flakes and holo micro glitters.  Lots going on, it all works perfectly.  This polish is a shade I didn't have in my collection and didn't realize what I was missing out on until I had it.   Fingers are crossed Missi makes more polish with this holo/flakie/micro glitter combo because it's aces!   

15. China Glaze Pondering
The Great Outdoors was a fabulous collection for China Glaze.  There were so many gorgeous colors and finishes.  I had several favorites from this collection alone.  But since I had to settle on one I selected Pondering.  Not necessarily ground breaking, but I found this shimmery duo chrome polish quite beautiful.  And the formula was pretty fabulous too.  The Great Outdoors actually had 3 duo chromes so if you are a fan of the finish and don't have them yet you should definitely check them out.

16. 6 Harts Nice Peaches
You know what?  It's really hard to only pick 10-15 polishes that were my absolute favorite for the last 12 months.  And who's to say I need to stick to those numbers?  Well I'm not going to because I have more to share.  6 Harts created Nice Peaches as a gift for the Cocktails & Colors swag bag.  It's go some of my favorite things going on...peachy color, ultra chrome flakies, golden shimmer, touch of holo.  I'd love to see more polish like this from Courtney next year!

17. Cirque Coven
I was lucky to snag a bottle of this.  Coven was part of the All Hallows Eve Trio and it sold out in all 3 shops (Cirque, Lacquer Lust and Serum No 5).  I went back and forth because I thought it was a dupe for Coronation.  I was wrong.  So wrong.  This is a dark purple-indigo full of orange to green shifty shimmer.  Cirque is another brand that will not disappoint - regardless of color or finish.  And LE Cirques are featured at Nordstrom all the time in Pop Up Shops!  How cool is that?!   And yup whatever Cirque is selling, I am buying so bring on the 2016 shades!

18. Parallax Polish Fusiform Gyrus
Parallax has great polish.  Erin loves science and her polish is named after elements, scientists, universities that focus on science, etc...  It's pretty dang cool and it makes me feel smarter after swatching her brand because I do spend time looking things up to be in the know.  Fusiform Gyrus is from the Brain Scan collection.  I liked this collection because each color came in different finishes; linear holo, scattered holo or matte.  It's nice to have a choice.  This was a traffic cone orange matte that had more of a waxy finish.  My camera hated it, but my IRL eyes adored it!  Looking forward to seeing what else Erin has in store for her brand!    

19.  Nail Hoot Betrayed By A Kiss
Betrayed By A Kiss is from the new (and limited edition) Bible Stories collection.  Nail Hoot came out this year but Brandie has been pumping out collections like no ones business and each is more impressive than the last!  Just look at this holo and you'll see what I mean.  That pinky-mauve holo is breathtaking!  And the formula was top notch!  Keep up the good work girl!  Can't wait to see what you've got up your sleeve for 2016!

20. Lumina Lacquer Baby Chick
Yes I do still love glitter toppers.  And when it's neon glitter I am weak.  Lumina Lacquer hasn't been around much in the second half of this year, but in the beginning of the year she put out a few collections that were really lovely.  Baby Chick is from the Spring/Easter collection.  This fun and vibrant glitter topper is full of neon yellow and satin white glitters in a bevy of shapes.  I enjoy the shapes.  I enjoy having fun things on my nails.  Glitters toppers make for easy an art.   I hope Tatiana makes a comeback in 2016 because I miss her and her polish!

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