Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cake-Hole + As If!

I'm in a rush trying to get through all my neon, bright summer polish before the summer is over!  It's kind of silly, but I think it's more that I am so eager to get to some of the fall colors that I have received in the last couple weeks!  Anyways, you will either see an infulx of brights or you will see them fall of the face of this blog as I embrance the browns, burgundys, emeralds, and all the other gorgeous jewel tones that are so Fall!  Yes, I'm a Fall girl - they are my absolute favorite colors…favorite holiday (Halloween), favorite foods, favorite clothing styles, etc etc.

So here is Butter London Cake-Hole (so hard for me to remember because I want to call it Pie-Hole).  I received this in a swap from my friend Sheila…thanks so much!!  C-H is a really bright (but not scorching) neon pink that dries to a rubbery matte finish.  I liked the look of the finish but I had other plans for C-H.  The formula was spot on!  Perfetly smooth, and self leveling in 2 coats.   I had no problems with dragging.  My pictures don't show how pink Cake-Hole really is, boo.

I decided to have fun with this one and used a glitter layer on ALL of my nails, not just as an accent.  I picked up this bottle of Nostalgic As If! from the Clueless collection on Copious.  AI! is an awesome matte glitter bomb full of large black hexs and black bars, small and large white hexs and bars, and a bubblegum pink medium hexs.  I used 2 coats and got plenty of glitter with each dip.  The glitter was easy to move around so each nail was covered well.  No problems with clumping either.  I used a coat of Gelous (Yay, I remembered) and then a layer of topcoat.  Smooth and glossy!  It's like an 80's party on my nails!!

My favorite glitter is the pink hex layered perfectly over the black hex.  (:

Cake-Hole is a Macy's exclusive Butter London color.  You can purcahse it online or if you are a lucky-ducky, it will be in your Macy's beauty department.

I purchased Nostalgic As If! from Copious for $0.01!!  I have purchased about 6 polishes from Copious and the most I have spent is $0.60.  They frequently give out $10 credits to existing customers and you get $10 to spend when you sign up through a link.  Here's my Copious link if you haven't joined yet!  I've had nothing but good experiences so I recommend joining.  http://copious.com/invites/4fd174a46058f159520071c0

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