Monday, August 20, 2012

Ira + Black Spotted

I have international nails on for you in this post!  I received Cliche Ira from my friend Dulce in Portugal and OPI Black Spotted from my friend Michaela in France.  It's a smorgasbord of countries up in here!

I picked Cliche Ira as the underpants for Black Spotted thinking it was a bit brighter - more like China Glaze Riveting.  I would have just used Riveting, but I am trying to burn through my untrieds (and I'll be damned if they aren't like Gremlins and keep growing after midnight - I promise I don't feed them or give them water).  Ira is a really pretty color, just not what I was expecting.  Ira is a red-orange polish with orange and golden glass fleck polish in the bottle, but on the nail it translated to more of a raspberry color.  Still very pretty.  It was sheer, but built up nicely in the 2 coats I used.  Ira went on smoothly and it definitley has that same kind of glow as Riveting, just not as bright of a color.  I will absolutely wear it again because I loved the red raspberry color, and now that I know what it looks like IRL I can plan accordingly how to pair it.

OPI Black Spotted is a very unique polish.  Unlike anything I have used before.  I used 1 thin coat on top of each painted nail.  I read that you want to use thin coats or the effect won't work.  So I did just that, but probably could have tried for an even thinner layer.  BS went on like water - so liquidy.  And it immediatley pooled up into the shapes you see in an oil spill on pavement.  The reaction was something much like what you would get mixing water and oil.   I waited until it was dry and slathered on a layer of top coat.  

First I have to say sorry.  I am a horrible nail painter when it comes to red polishes.  I can't seem to clean it up well and my fingers look all, well, painted.  Second - I really like Black Spotted.  Such a unique polish!  Unfortunately it was only made available in France - WHY, WHY OPI??  If you can manage to get your hands on it I highly suggest you do…it is 100% worth it!!

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