Friday, August 3, 2012

Coral Glam + Clown Puke

I am going on a no-buy month for August.  I've decided to use as many untrieds from my stash as I can.  I have too many - almost as many as I have tried and stored away in my helmer.  It's just so hard to not buy them when they are all so pretty!  I do have 3 scheduled purchases and items arranged from July that won't count since they were previous comittments.  But I have been doing great - day 3, no purchases.  I almost faltered in Target today when I saw the new Fall Nicole by OPI collection!  There are 2 colors that slightly remind me of the Mish Mash line from Ozotic.  For Gold Times Sake particularly called to me.  I even swatched the two on my nail.  I carried them around for a brief time then quickly put them back.  Oye that was hard.  STICK TO MY GUNS!!!

Anywho enough of the sad no-buy talk - here are 2 untried polishes that I wanted to show some la-la-love.  Layla Coral Glam and KBShimmer Clown Puke.  

I went all bonkers for the Layla Hologram Effects when they first came out and got almost all of them.  I love holos, what can I say.  Coral glam seemed like an interesting color - not pink, not champagne, slightly coral, kind of peach, so full of holo goodness that I couldn't pass up on it.  I am really happy to say CG was very easy to apply.  Not like Flash Black with it's streaky and patchy issues.  I did use 3 coats because it was very sheer and I was trying to cover the nail line.  I only used 1 coat on my ring finger because I wanted that to be my glitter accent.  I did not use a topcoat.  

On my ring finger I chose KBShimmer Clown Puke as an accent glitter.  I used 1 coat of CG, but should have used 2 - sorry you can see my lovely yellow nail stainage under the glitter.  I bought Clown Puke #1 for the name and #2 because I love multi-colored glitter bombs.  Honestly - there is so much awesome glitter in CP that I am not even going to begin to describe what's in the mix.  Lets just say it's a rainbow in a bottle.  Full of sizes that range from micro to extra large and in a wide variety of shapes.  I used 3 coats of CP and I think I could have used 1 more to get full coverage.  But I was worried about removal and decided to stop.  I didn't have to dig for glitter, but I think the nail would be covered more easily with a wider brush.  I used a coat of Gelous (YES!  I got a bottle - and NO buying top/base coats do not count against my no-buy).  

So what do you think of my declared no-buy?  Think I will stick to it?  Do you like this combination..holo and glitter?

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