Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Lifesaver + A Million Sparkles

Quick post - really just want to show you the pictures of these 2 polishes.

My Lifesaver is a "Tiffany" turquoise-blue creme.  Light, pretty, reminds me of a robins egg.  A lovely color for spring and summer.  It went on streaky with the first coat but evened out nicely with the second.  It was a tad thick but not hard to manage.  

I used tape to make diagonal lines on 8 digits (not on my thumbs) so the glitter coat A Million Sparkles would show, but ML woudn't be fully covered.  I've seen AMS over darker foily blues and thought layering it over a lighter blue would be a fun combination as well - and I really like the way the 2 look together.  AMS is full of small round gold glitter, pink bars, blue bars and blue micro-glitter.  The blue is what I would call an electic color blue, not royal or standard blue.  It was sheer with the first coat, but a thick second coat helped darken up the glitter accents.  The glitter came out really easily.  I actually liked the brushes provided with these bottles.  The brush is flat-ish and slightly wider than OPI which makes it easy to get a coat done in one stroke.  

I used 2 coats of topcoat becasue the glitter was slightly gritty.  And no, I still don't have Gelous.  Argh, maybe I should take care of that today.

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