Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Treasure + Hologram Sparkle

I think this is probably the quickest mani that I have put on and taken off.  Don't get me wrong, I liked it.  But I wasn't really feeling it.  Maybe I am just a linear holo kind of gal.  

I found a bottle of Nubar Treasure at a local beauty supply and snatched it up.  I wanted to love it, but alas I only liked it.  Treasure was very sheer.  3 coats and I could still see my nail line.  So this is definitley a polish you want to layer over a similar colored base.  On a positive note there were zero application problems.  It went on evenly and smoothly.  Not too thick or thin.  Formula was nice.  The sheerness is the only thing that bothered me about Treasure.  I didn't use topcoat.

I did an accent nail with Nubar Hologram Sparkle.  HS is another scattered holo, but more along the lines of a glitter.  The effect is very subtle over Treasure, but it looks really lovely.  I want to try HS over a dark color to see it in full sparkly yumminess.  I only used 1 coat HS and no top coat.  

So what did you think of these Nubars?  Should I try again to love 'em or throw them in my swap pile?  

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