Thursday, August 9, 2012

Portugal Haul!!

My friend Dulce and I had so much fun with our 1st swap we decided to arrange a 2nd.  Neither of us wasted any time obtaining items for our packages.  Actually I literally started the day after I sent the last box because I found one of the items on her wishlist.  Dulce started sending me pictures of polish she picked out very shortly after that.  But I decided to use her wish list and polish that I personally liked and kept it all a big secret!  'Cause that's how I roll!  Well we shipped our packages and mine arrived 2 days ago!!  I was seriously like a kid in candy store!  Everything I unwrapped might as well have had Christmas lights strung around it!  I loved it all, every single piece of it!  

You should check out Dulce's blog, Miminhos Que En Gosto.  She has great pictures, puts together awesome mani combinations and it's fun to see the different types of polish available in other parts of the world. 

On to the majorly amazing epic haul pictures!! 

What's in the box??

Bubble wrap teaser

Fun non-polish goodies on top!!

Honey candy, under eye treatment, a t-shirt for Naomi and a Snakes & Ladders game for Noah & Julian 

Ooooooh the polish.  Are you ready?  Here we go!

Drooling!  Look at these amazing Snow White items from essence!  The glitters are AWESOME!!  Could the nail decals be any cuter?  How will I ever be able to use them or the file??
03 Prince Charming, 02 The Huntsman, 01 Evil Queen, nail decals, nail file

More amazing glitters!!
Marylins: 121 black glitter, 120 med silver hex, 120 large blue hex, 118 large green hex

Love the little essence babies!  And more pretty glitter bombs!
essence:  94 gold fever, 38 choose me, 64 be optimistic, 51 mellow yellow, 53 you belong to me, 66 shiny godness, 25 glisten up
h&m nail polish: Aqua Splash, Sparkling Rainbow

OMGOSH!  Wowzers!
GOSH: 603 Rusty, 550 Purple Heat, 541 Gasoline

I love Catrice…the last ones Dulce sent me are some of my absolute favorites!  I can't wait to try these!
Catrice: C05 Virgin Forrest, C04 Exotica, C01 Birds Flying High

My first Impalas!  Woot!
Impala: love start, sereia

Look at these colors!  Love!!
andreia: 121, 107
Cliche: Ira, Siame's, Cancun, Amora, New York

I love me some lip balm!  Can't wait to try these, as a matter of fact, my lips are feeling quite dry and I will put one on right now!
Yves Rocher: Shea Butter, Almond Oil
h&m set: Metallic Blue, Metallic Grey, Spark Me Up

I hope you don't mind me rushing off to go play with my new goodies now!  Thanks so much  for yet another amazing package my dear friend Dulce!  XO!
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