Monday, August 13, 2012

Let's Eat Sushi + Multi-Colored Glitter Shards

Who wants sushi?  I do - as long as it's one of the hundreds of variations of a California Roll.  I'm not very adventerous when it comes to raw seafood, yuck cold and slimy!  That stuff needs to be cooked for this gal to eat it.

I bought Spoiled Let's Eat Sushi a while back because it was a pretty in-between color.  Not pink, not orange.  More of a coral-salmon color.   LES isn't a bright summer color - maybe more of a spring color?  But I really like it.  And it had a wonderful surprise (which you won't see in these pictures, it's an IRL surprise).  An extremely subtle shimmer.  Gorgeous!  I used 2 coats and application was great!  Smooth, creamy, really lovely.  If you see any application errors they are the fault of my top coat which decided to go all gooey and stringy on me.  Boo on you topcoat.  Spoiled is a brand by Wet N' Wild and is available at CVS for $1.99.  Be sure to watch for the $0.99 sales!  

A friend found a couple bottles of Love & Beauty shredded multi-colored glitter.  Guess what…it's a dupe for Cult Nails Happy Ending.  And it's only $2.99.  So save yourself some hard earned dinero and buy this one from Forever21 instead.  PSA over - you're welcome.  This glitter went on so much better than I expected (because F21 is kind of a discount store and I think their clothes fall to pieces after one wear/wash so I didn't expect much from the polish).  I was WRONG!  The glitter came out easily and in plentitude!  I used 2 coats on my middle and ring fingers.  What a fun accent it is!!  A coat of topcoat finished it all off.

Have you shopped F21 nail polish?  Which do you have, which would you recommend?  What about Spoiled nail polish?  Do you have any yet?  Which are your favorites? 

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  1. I have one spoiled polish, it's a purple glitter and I really like it. The combo looks gorgeous! Love it!